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Accelerate application adoption

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application streaming service that accelerates application adoption. You can shorten your sales cycle by delivering demos, trials, and training of your desktop applications to a browser so customers get started in minutes, not days or weeks. You can reach customers in new market segments by developing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering without rewriting your application. AppStream 2.0 provides consistent application performance. Your applications run on virtual machines (VMs) optimized for your use cases and each streaming session automatically adjusts to network conditions.  

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Accelerate application adoption

AppStream 2.0 shortens your sales cycle by streaming demos, trials, and training of your applications to a browser on any computer. Customers can get started with your applications in minutes, not days or weeks. There are no downloads or installations required.

Develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution

AppStream 2.0 provides a scalable, reliable, and secure foundation to develop a SaaS solution around your desktop applications. Your applications are available through a web portal, and you can manage users, access, and data with AppStream 2.0's built-in features. You can also integrate your existing solutions or build your own on AWS.

Expand market reach

Delivering your desktop applications as SaaS helps you reach new customers segments that don't want to acquire, provision, and manage software or hardware. They simply open a browser to securely access your applications like a web app on any computer.

Maintain one codebase

You don't rewrite your applications with AppStream 2.0. Simply install your desktop applications on AppStream 2.0 the same way your would on a Windows computer. Your customers access the same version of your applications and you don't need to manage multiple codebases.

Standardize application performance

Each user's experience is fluid and responsive because your applications run on VMs optimized for their use cases, and the NICE DCV protocol automatically adjusts each streaming session to network conditions.

Secure applications and data

Applications and data are not stored on users' computers. Your applications are streamed as encrypted pixels. AppStream 2.0 runs on AWS, so you benefit from a data center and network architecture built for the most security-sensitive organizations.

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