Use Amazon DataZone to discover and share data at scale across organizational boundaries with governance and access controls. Amazon DataZone makes data accessible to everyone in your organization.

Set up and log into your AWS account
Build and deploy a domain
Build a log analytics solution
Step 1

Set up and log in to your AWS account

To use the Amazon DataZone service, you need an AWS account. You’ll be prompted to create a new account, if needed, when you sign up for Amazon DataZone. You will not be charged for your use of Amazon DataZone during preview. However, you might incur charges from other AWS services.

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Step 2

Experience a start-to-finish workflow

Experience a complete workflow with a sample use case to work through the data producer and data consumer journeys.

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Step 3

Build your own use case with Amazon DataZone

Onboard with a step-by-step guide and make data discoverable across your organization. Introduce team-based collaboration using projects in Amazon DataZone.

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Important information about the Amazon DataZone (Preview)

The Amazon DataZone preview will end on September 7, 2023. The Amazon DataZone preview is provided as a “Beta Service” as defined in the AWS Service Terms. This preview is further subject to the additional Amazon DataZone preview terms below, and by using this preview, you agree to be bound by them.

  1. The Amazon DataZone preview is intended only for evaluating Amazon DataZone using development or test workloads. You should not use it for production workloads.
  2. You might encounter limits that restrict your usage during the Amazon DataZone preview, and these limits might change during the preview period.
  3. Amazon DataZone preview resources and any data generated during the preview cannot be migrated over to any generally available version of Amazon DataZone and may not persist past the end of the preview term.
  4. AWS can change the functionality of Amazon DataZone during and after the term of the preview at its sole discretion or based on participant feedback. Amazon DataZone functionality, APIs, features, and documentation can change during the preview and might be different from any generally available version.
  5. Your Amazon DataZone metadata may be retained and used to improve Amazon DataZone and other related products and services offered by AWS and its affiliates.
  6. Although AWS is not currently charging for use of this preview, you are responsible for fees incurred for other AWS Services used, including but not limited to AWS Glue, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), Amazon Athena, and Amazon Redshift. Standard pricing will apply for your use of AWS services.
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