Getting Started with Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)

Learn how to connect to your Amazon DocumentDB cluster from your AWS Cloud9 environment with a mongo shell and run a few queries.

Onboarding Guides

              Developer Resources

              DEVELOPER GUIDE

              Document databases are used for storing semistructured data as a document. Learn more about use cases, and working with documents.

              DEVELOPER GUIDE

              Review the high-level features of this document database, including clusters and instances, as well as pricing and interfaces.

              DEVELOPER GUIDE

              Before using Amazon DocumentDB, you should review the key concepts and features.

              DEVELOPER FORUM

              Get plugged into the developer community as you are getting started with Amazon DocumentDB. Browse recent discussions, or ask your own question to get answers from AWS experts.

              Training Courses

              Get hands-on with Amazon DocumentDB. Leverage these free trainings and tutorials to get the most out of your database service. These resources will walk you through getting started, performance tuning, and data modeling.

              Amazon DocumentDB

              Getting Started with Amazon DocumentDB

              Discover the fundamentals and advantages of Amazon DocumentDB in this step-by-step tutorial. With the help of a demonstration utilizing the AWS Management Console and AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), you will cover how to get started with Amazon DocumentDB. Additionally, you will learn about the native architecture and how built-in tools provide scalability and workload management for document databases. 

              Amazon DocumentDB

              Performance Tuning on Amazon DocumentDB

              Learn about the tools and best practices that can be used to optimize and boost the performance of your clusters of Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) in this step-by-step training course. You will discover how to construct your Amazon DocumentDB database for maximum speed by keeping an eye on important metrics and resolving the most frequent problems.

              Amazon DocumentDB

              Data Modeling for Amazon DocumentDB

              Data modeling is essential for effectively addressing business needs while creating databases. You will study the foundational ideas and best practices for modeling your data using Amazon DocumentDB in this step-by-step training course. You will look at three examples of modeling or organizing your data for different purposes and carry out quick decision-making tasks to satisfy a potential application need.

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