Amazon CodeWhisperer Integration with AWS Glue Studio

Generate code for building data integration pipelines

Amazon CodeWhisperer Integration with AWS Glue Studio is an ETL (extract, transform, and load) coding assistant powered by AWS GenAI tool Amazon CodeWhisperer. It automatically generates code for ETL jobs, accelerating data integration pipeline creation for analytics and machine learning workloads.

Amazon CodeWhisperer Integration with AWS Glue Studio (3:18)


Build data integration pipelines faster

Amazon CodeWhisperer integration with Amazon Glue Studio understands your comments written in natural language like English or in Python. It automatically generates code suggestions and syntax corrections in real time. You can easily accept suggestions, view more suggestions, or continue writing your own code.

Increase Glue job authoring productivity

CodeWhisperer recommends code snippets directly in AWS Glue Studio notebooks. Without leaving the environment you are already in, you can easily accept suggestions and prepare your data for analytics and ML—add columns to a table, sort and extract data, generate sample datasets, transform data from one format to another, and many more.

The best coding companion to build applications on AWS

CodeWhisperer is optimized for popular data sources like Amazon S3, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift, making it the best coding companion to build applications on AWS. It generates code suggestions using relevant AWS services and public software libraries for the desired functionalities. You can begin building data integration pipelines without being an expert in Glue, AWS tools or Spark.



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