Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL customers is the world’s leading online retailer. The Amazon Self-Service Performance Advertising (SSPA) team replaced its fleet of Oracle databases with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

"We've seen explosive growth for Sponsored Products ever since we launched this offering. We expect transaction and data volume to grow exponentially over the years. Within a few years, we would have needed to scale our pool of Oracle databases to more than 30 databases supporting billions of campaign impressions a day. Having to continue scaling Oracle to support that level of projected growth would have been a nightmare due to Oracle’s scalability limitations and huge maintenance burden. By moving to Amazon RDS, we doubled throughput, and when scaling for Amazon’s fourth quarter, we were able to double our Amazon RDS fleet in just a few minutes."

Samujjwal Roy, Database Architect Manager, Amazon SSPA

Atlassian is an Australian software company that provides productivity tools for project managers and software developers to over 200,000 companies worldwide.

"Using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora reduces the complexity of the scaling process. It’s definitely been a positive experience for Atlassian."

Arul Shaji Arulappan, Principal Engineer, Atlassian

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Blackboard delivers innovative education technology and services that enable millions of people worldwide to learn in schools, institutions, and companies.

"In a managed hosting environment, when the database goes down, it requires manual intervention and it’s a major event. With Amazon RDS, it’s handled automatically. That will drive our total costs down significantly over time."

Reinhold Staudinger, Chief Architect, Blackboard

Cleo is a relationship that supercharges users financial health. Through AI, she turns the complexities of financial life into a conversation. The same kind you’d have with a friend. Whether it's custom budgets, building a better credit score or managing cashflow, Cleo empowers their users to make better financial decisions every day.

"With over 4 million users, we need to be able to store and aggregate over 3 billion bank transactions per day. Before using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we would have problems scaling our storage. When we migrated to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL in 2020, we overcame these scaling issues by being able to provision more IOPS storage with a few clicks, and also unlocked the ability to grow faster by allowing our small development team to focus on business problems and not managing databases."

Elwin Chan, Head of Engineering, Cleo

DHI Group is a digital media company consisting of job search and news websites in tech, finance, oil and gas, hospitality, and security cleared networks. They are best known for, which connects technology professionals with employers in North America and Europe and has more than 2 million unique visits each month.

"We wanted to reduce our commercial database licensing costs and increase our operational flexibility, so we migrated our flagship application,, to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. It was a 5 month transition, with a successful launch in November of 2017. The Dice application immediately saw 2-3x faster response times. The entire cost of our production RDS environment is less than the yearly software maintenance costs with our legacy vendor. Overall this project saves us over $1,000,000 a year."

Brian Hostetter, Director of Architecture for DHI Group

Fiksu is the leading provider of mobile app marketing products that help app and game marketers reach its user acquisition goals.

"RDS for PostgreSQL solves one of the biggest operational overheads we have dealt with since the inception of our company. We have spent countless hours setting up, backing up, replicating, restoring, replacing, scaling, swapping, and tuning our PostgreSQL databases. This was the #1 missing piece in the puzzle for our AWS deployment and we couldn't be more excited to migrate and concentrate on doing what we do best: providing the #1 mobile app marketing platform."

Mark Corner, CTO of Fiksu

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Illumina is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function.

"Using Basespace, biologists and informaticians can easily and securely analyze, archive, and share sequencing data. Building reliable services that store customer data using a secure, robust open source database like PostgreSQL is what I want my team to focus on – not the management of the database. We are excited that Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL allows us keep that focus, while making backup, recovery, replication, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery of our PostgreSQL databases just a click away."

Greg Roberts, BaseSpace Development Lead at Illumina

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Infor provides ERP application software in beautifully designed interfaces for specific industry functionality. Unlike traditional business application software providers, Infor has introduced a SaaS model based entirely in the cloud. By utilizing Amazon Web Services and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Infor's customers are able to quickly deploy their applications in the cloud.

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The Jenny Craig program is designed to provide structure and support to help members lose weight and learn how to keep it off. 

“Migrating to RDS for PostgreSQL has allowed us to eliminate nearly $1 Million in upcoming capital expenditure on Oracle infrastructure, in addition to reducing ongoing hardware and software support costs of nearly $450,000 per year by more than 75%.” - Eric Matson, Director, IT Enterprise Applications, Jenny Craig

Eric Matson, Director, IT Enterprise Applications, Jenny Craig

Trimble is a global leader in telematics solutions. It had a significant investmant in on-premises hardware in North America and Europe running Oracle databases. Rather than refresh the hardware and renew the licenses, it opted to migrate the databases to AWS. They ran the AWS Schema Conversion Tool to analyze the effort, and then migrated its complete database to a managed PostgreSQL service on Amazon RDS.

"Our projections are that we will pay about one quarter of what we were paying in our private infrastructure."

Todd Hofert, Director of Infrastructure Operations, Trimble

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