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If you have never used Amazon Redshift Serverless before, you are eligible for a $300 credit, which can be used within 90 days of sign-up toward your compute and usage use. 

To start your free trial with Amazon Redshift Serverless:

  1. Create an AWS account and sign in to the Amazon Redshift console.
  2. Select Redshift Serverless Free Trial.

Amazon Redshift free trial FAQs

Who is eligible for Amazon Redshift Serverless free trial?

You are eligible for the free trial if your account has not used Redshift Serverless yet. The Amazon Redshift free trial program is not part of the AWS Free Tier. Your eligibility for each program is determined independently.

How do I make sure I’m not being charged?

You can view your Amazon Redshift charges or download a usage report by going to the billing dashboard in the AWS Console. If you have questions about eligibility, or if you have never created an Amazon Redshift Serverless Workgroup but fail to receive free trial hours, please contact AWS Support.

What will I be charged if I choose to continue using the service after the free trial?

You pay for the workloads you run in RPU-hours on a per-second basis (with a 60-second minimum charge), including queries that access data in open file formats in Amazon S3. There is no charge for data warehouse startup time. Automatic scaling and comprehensive security capabilities are included. You do not need to pay for concurrency scaling or Redshift Spectrum separately because they are both included with Amazon Redshift Serverless. 

How can I try Amazon Redshift?

In regions where Amazon Redshift Serverless is not available, you can use the two-month free trial of DC2 large node in provisioned clusters. To get started with the free trial, you can create your first cluster in the Amazon Redshift Console.

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