Mission Ctrl Jackhammer and Amazon GameLift
Metalhead Super Mega Baseball 2 and Amazon GameLift

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Overcoming Multiplayer Game Server Challenges
How to Design for Cross-Platform Play for Online Multiplayer Games
Dedicated Game Server Hosting Made Easy
Super Mega Baseball 2 Optimizes Global Server Capacity
Deploy Dedicated Game Servers For Multiplayer Games in Under 10 Minutes.
Building a Flexible Matchmaking Service


Uploading Your Build to Amazon GameLift
Configuring your Amazon GameLift Fleet
Handling Server Software Updates on Amazon GameLift
Creating a Fleet on Amazon GameLift
Analyzing Metrics on Amazon GameLift
Controlling Latency & Cost on Amazon GameLift

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How Amazon GameLift Makes Quake Champions Even Faster, Better

When gamers think of Quake, they think of insane speed, unbelievable skill, and plenty of juicy, satisfying gibs. But for Quake Champions to deliver the blistering competition you expect, it’s critical for us to provide servers...

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Borderlands developer Gearbox uses the cloud to change how it makes games

When you imagine the kind of work a game developer does, you probably think about someone designing a level or programming movement and physics. But a huge part of modern development is live operations...

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