Getting started with HPC on AWS

There are several ways to get started with HPC on AWS. Start experimenting with AWS yourself with a sample project or tutorial, gain deeper insight through whitepapers and videos, or find a partner to get hands-on guidance. 

Getting started projects

Create an Elastic HPC Cluster using AWS ParallelCluster

Access on-demand, scalable resources for your High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads.
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Create an End-to-End HPC Environment


Launch a fully-functional HPC environment, create a sample job submission service, and review important concepts along the way.

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Getting Started with Amazon FSx for Lustre


It is easy to sign up for AWS and start using FSx for Lustre to run your compute-intensive workloads on AWS. Here are the simple steps to get started.

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Getting started with Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA)

In this tutorial, you create an EFA-enabled AMI and an EFA-enabled security group, and then launch EFA-enabled instances into a cluster placement group using that AMI and security group
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Learn more about AWS services for HPC

Learn about all the AWS services you can use to build an HPC solution on AWS

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Get started with HPC on AWS

Build your first HPC cluster on AWS

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