Software Tools

The AWS Snowball offers two software tools that can help you access and manage your device.

Snowball Client – A terminal application that you can use to unlock Snowball devices and to transfer data onto a standard Snowball.

We recommend that you use the latest Linux or Mac clients, which support the Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI) extension to the x86 instruction set architecture. This improves speeds for encrypting or decrypting data during transfers between the Snowball and your Mac or Linux workstations.

S3 SDK Adapter for Snowball – A programmatic tool that you can use to transfer data between your on-premises data center and a standard Snowball. You can use the S3 Adapter with existing Amazon S3 interfaces like the AWS SDKs, the AWS CLI, or your own custom Amazon S3 REST client.

  AWS Snowball Client
Amazon S3 Adapter for Snowball
Windows 7 or higher Download Download
Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
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Linux (Ubuntu version 12 or higher, and RHEL version 6 or higher)
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Large-Scale Data Migration

AWS re:Invent 2017 Session: Migrating Large Scale Data Sets to the Cloud (STG204)

Accelerating Data Ingest

Introduction to AWS Import/Export Snowball -- Accelerating Large-Scale Data Ingest into AWS Cloud

Snowball Technical Intro

AWS re:Invent Snowball Technical Session: Introduction and Overview of AWS Snowball


Snowball Launch

AWS VP of Storage Services Bill Vass launches Snowball at re:Invent 2015

Datacenter Shutdown

Session from re:Invent 2016 feauring Live Nation's Snowball migration and datacenter shutdown

Capturing Data in Remote Sites

Capturing video footage for the Perfect Sweat Series

Datacenter Shutdown

How Wazee Digital used Snowball to migrate into AWS, saving 100x over traditional data transfer methods and exchanging two datacenters for infinite scale



Provides a conceptual overview of how to use the AWS Snowball service and Snowball device, including guidance for importing into and exporting data out of the AWS Cloud, shipping considerations, and other features of a Snowball device.


Describes all the job and shipping API operations for Snowball and Snowball Edge devices in detail. Also provides sample requests, responses, and errors for the supported web services protocols.

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