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Use these resources to learn more about our offerings, brand and communicate your cloud training initiatives, help your staff get started with AWS Training, and more. You can read articles, or download e-books, whitepapers, infographics, and other tools to help your organization transition to the cloud.


Internal Communications Kit

This toolkit provides customizable resources to help position your investment in AWS Training and Certification for your employees and engage them across the organization. It may also be used to instruct and inspire your leadership team to talk about AWS Training and Certification in the context of your overall cloud initiative.

Other Resources

Executive Summary: Achieving Digital Transformation

Learn how to develop and nurture communities of practice as a means of scaling up cloud skills enablement.


E-book: Achieving Digital Transformation

Subtitled The Role of Communities of Practice in Cloud Skills, this e-book explains how nurturing communities of practice can help your organization be more creative and productive, attract new talent, and promote a culture of continuous learning.

Executive Summary: Orchestrating Digital Transformation

Learn how employee experience and enablement, as well as organizational culture, are crucial to successful digital transformation.

Infographic: Orchestrating Digital Transformation

Learn the seven best practices of achieving people-centric digital transformation.

Case Study: Build Employee Confidence in Cloud Skills

Read how the largest business bank in Australia, National Australia Bank (NAB) realized that it needed to expand its existing capabilities and how AWS Training and Certification helped them.

Infographic: 4 Steps for Successful Cloud Skills Development

Learn the four key steps for developing organizational cloud skills as part of your company's digital transformation goals.

E-book: Orchestrating Digital Transformation

Subtitled Cloud Skills Training in the Context of Change Management, this e-book discusses how digital transformation is about more than just technology. It's about people-centric change and establishing a new mindset and culture across your organization.

E-book: Staying Competitive by Investing in Cloud Skills

Get the facts you need to attract and retain cloud migration talent to build your employer brand.


Executive Summary: Cloud Skills Training: A Key Pillar of Your Employer Brand

Investing in continuous cloud learning mechanisms helps organizations transform their businesses at a rapid pace. Learn more about strengthening your employer brand with cloud skills training.

Infographic: Cloud Skills Training: A Key Pillar of Your Employer Brand

Get the facts you need to attract and retain cloud migration talent to build your employer brand.


Whitepaper: Cloud Skills Training: A Key Pillar of Your Employer Brand

Many organizations struggle to attract and retain the talent they need to execute cloud migration. This whitepaper explains how to win the cloud talent war by offering cloud skills training.

E-book: You Already Have the People You Need to Succeed with the Cloud

AWS General Manager Stephen Orban explains how educating your staff can turn skeptical employees into true believers, and make a huge difference in how quickly you're able to leverage the cloud to deliver results to your business.

IDC Whitepaper: Train to Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy

Read how IDC found that comprehensive training helps businesses get more from their cloud investment.

Infographic: IDC Whitepaper - Cloud Strategy

Key findings on the efficiency of training in increasing the speed and success of cloud technology adoption.

Infographic: The Cloud IT Skills Gap

Get the facts you need on the gap between demand for cloud-skilled resources and the rocketing market demand.


Accelerate cloud adoption by creating a cloud enablement engine

Cloud training accelerates adoption by first enabling a core team of cloud experts within the enterprise and, later, by scaling cloud proficiency to the entire organization. However, ensuring that cloud skills are adopted throughout the enterprise requires something more: the transformation of individual expert knowledge into organizational knowledge.

Finger on the pulse of ML & AI

While it’s not Skynet and Terminators just yet, the accelerating maturity and availability of machine learning technology through cloud computing is rocketing the robots to the forefront of innovation.


Sportsbet leverage AWS Training and Certification

Pivotal to the success of our investment in the AWS Cloud was empowering our people to thrive in the new environment by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they required to succeed.


Warehouse Rules

It’s no wonder that from boardroom discussions to basement data centres and every level in between, data is on the agenda.



Going big: How data is driving the cloud revolution

Now, as data grows both in volume and importance, it’s time for data to take its place in the spotlight.

We live and breathe a culture of learning – Here’s Why

As an AWS premier partner, Versent is always upskilling our team in the ways of AWS.

You don’t have to fake it in cloud

It’s clear by now that cloud is not the next big thing; it’s here, it’s happening, and it’s transforming capability and profitability.