VMware Cloud on AWS for Health

VMware Cloud on AWS provides healthcare customers with scalable solutions to migrate and extend their on-premises environments to the public cloud. Using VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can consolidate their on-premises data centers, extend their data center capacity with cloud resources, and enhance their disaster recovery capabilities.

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Benefits of deploying VMware Cloud solutions on AWS

Healthcare organizations realize significant value by leveraging their existing investments using the VMware Cloud on AWS solutions to respond to changing needs, accelerate innovation, and align costs to usage requirements.

Minimize redesign and rapidly innovate

Extend your on-premises applications to the cloud with no required redesign to immediately take advantage of AWS Cloud capabilities.

Maximize resiliency of mission-critical applications

Enlist virtual machine, host, and AWS Availability Zone failure protection at the infrastructure level without having to redesign applications for the cloud.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce your hardware, operating, and labor costs while maximizing your existing investments and increasing your operational reliability, stability, and resiliency.

Maintain security and governance

Migrate and extend existing on-premises enterprise security, governance and operational policies to the cloud.

Healthcare organizations deploying VMware Cloud on AWS


A large private healthcare provider in the U.S. with over 70,000 employees — comprised of over 20 hospitals and over 700 outpatient facilities servicing over 10 million people — needed to rapidly scale to support their organization’s efforts to fight disease as well as support demand from mobile healthcare worker pop-up sites and new acquisitions. Learn how VMware Cloud on AWS enabled them to consolidate data centers, rapidly scale to meet business demands, and support their remote users. 

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VMware cloud on AWS deployment

Click for a technical deep dive on the architecture, best practices, and deployment options.


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Modernize healthcare applications using VMware Cloud™ on AWS

To accelerate innovation in healthcare, providers, payors, and health tech organizations benefit from deploying a hybrid cloud strategy. This webinar will describe:

1/ the benefits of a hybrid cloud for data center modernization, business continuity, and next generation application development; 2/ why the VMware Cloud on AWS solution meets today’s healthcare IT challenges; 3/how to accelerate healthcare innovation use cases by leveraging cloud computing; 4/best practices in deploying VMware workloads on AWS.

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VMware Cloud on AWS for healthcare

View and download a snapshot of the challenges olved by and benefits associated with the VMware Cloud on AWs solution for healthcare applications, along with common use cases and a reference architecture.

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The business value of VMware Cloud on AWS for supporting business-critical applications

IDC conducted an in-depth study to evaluate the business values and benefits for organizations using VMware Cloud on AWS. Read this paper to: 1/ assess the financial benefits of VMware Cloud AWS; 2/ understand why customers chose VMware Cloud on AWS to improve their IT infrastructure, and scale their business; and 3/help you plan for your migration and modernization strategy with the expertise and experience of current customers.

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Journey to the Cloud: VMware on AWS in Canadian healthcare

This 1.5 hour on-demand webinar examines and demos multiple scenarios including how to 1/ accelerate cloud migration for VMware workloads; 2/ expand your data centre to the cloud; 3/explore workload elasticity through disaster recovery as a service; and 4/modernize your applications.

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Design considerations for disaster recovery with VMware Cloud on AWS

As organizations plan hybrid cloud strategies, disaster recovery (DR) is a vital consideration to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. This blog will discuss the architectural considerations and best practices for implementing DR using VMware Cloud on AWS. 

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Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS buyers guide for healthcare

This buyer's guide helps you understand the key factors when considering a cloud strategy for their desktops and applications, from identifying high-level goals and use cases, to building a business case and planning how to deliver the user experience your end users expect. 

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Resiliency design considerations and best practices for VMware Cloud on AWS

This blog elaborates on key resiliency design considerations and architectural patterns and responsibilities for customers leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS workloads with high availability requirements.

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How regulated industries can address cloud migration challenges and innovate faster

For companies in regulated industries, maintaining the highest standards of compliance, ensuring data security, and minimizing risk are key considerations when migrating to the public cloud. In this webinar, you'll learn:

1/ How to quickly and securely migrate VMware workloads to AWS for datacenter extension, evacuation, or disaster recovery; 2/ how to manage a full stack of applications on VMware Cloud on AWS, leveraging familiar processes, IT skillsets, and governance; 3/ how financial services and healthcare customers can modernize applications by using native AWS services.

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Storage options and designs for VMware Cloud on AWS

If you have workloads with varying storage requirements, it’s important to understand the storage options available and how they could work best for different scenarios. To choose the right service, you must first understand the storage requirements and performance profiles of your VMware vSphere workloads. This blog discusses the considerations, design, and benefits of each offering so you could find the solution that works best for your business.

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NHS Digital accelerates roll-out of digitally-enabled care with VMware Cloud on AWS

NHS Digital, the national information and technology partner for the UK’s health and care system, made VMware Cloud on AWS available across the NHS to help accelerate digitally-enabled care and drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Read to learn how VMware Cloud on AWS has enabled NHS Digital to create a new commercial model to act as a single cloud service broker to organizations across NHS and the UK public sector.

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