Powered by Amazon QuickSight

Enhance your applications with embedded analytics Powered by QuickSight and provide rich insights to your users where they are needed the most.

Powered by QuickSight Partner benefits


Accelerated, join engineering engagement with AWS technical resources to create tangible deliverables that accelerate embedded analytics proof of concept through AWS Data Lab.



Work directly with AWS teams to integrate QuickSight into your offering.  Receive technical support, training and build products together to accelerate your customers journey to meaningful insights.


Sell your BI enabled solutions together with AWS, Extending your reach to new customers through AWS lead Case Studies, Webinars and or Joint Marketing Campaigns.

Powered by QuickSight is providing technology enablement and go-to market support through the AWS Partner team that allow ISVs to embed QuickSight's powerful analytics into applications to enable data-driven experiences for millions of users.

Enable your customers to be Data Driven

Gain Competitive Advantage

Monetize your data

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