Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Cloud technology is widely adopted in UK & Ireland by organisations of every type, size and industry for a wide variety of use cases, such as: data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual  desktops, software development and testing, big data analytics and customer-facing web applications.

Learn what programmes we have available to you, upskill your cloud abilities in our dedicated workshops and find the best resources to grow your business.

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AWS Connected Community

AWS Connected Community is a one-stop shop to learn more about the cloud and digitisation with support from AWS experts and fellow business leaders. From free 1:1 consultation with AWS experts to regular events and workshops and dedicated online training, we can help you learn and grow your business.

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AWS Rapid Ramp Credits

The AWS Rapid Ramp Credit Program provides from $300 up to $1,000 in credit to small businesses to quickly get started testing AWS against their specific IT and business requirements by subsidizing a proof of concept. More than a million active customers use AWS Cloud solutions to deliver flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

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AWS Digital Innovation Program

Learn best practices on digital innovation for leaders of small and medium businesses (SMEs) in the UK with our curated on-demand sessions. Hear practical examples of how UK SMEs are leveraging cloud capabilities to transform and differentiate their businesses. Discover opportunities to drive growth, reduce costs and improve customer experiences.

Innovative businesses in the UK and Ireland

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The Body Coach Supports 1 Million Mobile App Downloads

The Body Coach launched a new app using AWS that tracks customer behaviour and offers tailored recipes, home workouts as well as advice to fitness fans. 

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Green Flag Powers Mobile App Serves 3.5 Million Drivers

Green Flag has achieved the agility to quickly respond to drivers who need assistance at any time and at any location in Europe.

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Kurtosys Gains Regional Agility and Speeds Innovation with AWS

Kurtosys realised hosting DXM in the cloud would help expand operations and offer customers a choice of locations for storing their data.


Zego Drives Down Insurance Premiums and Keeps Roads Safer

Zego provides specialist, short-term insurance for delivery drivers and couriers offering flexible and cost-effective options for shift workers.

AWS Lift
Unlock up to $83,500 AWS Promotional Credits to transform your business with AWS.

Common use cases

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Securing your Business

Securing your SMB requires more than a handful of passwords. Move away from ineffective security procedures that could expose your company to risk. Cloud computing allows you to manage your most important data offsite without the cost of on-premises servers.

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Reducing IT Costs

Are you looking to update your business operations while reducing IT costs? Instead of buying on-premises hardware or using paper files, adopt more affordable cloud technology to support remote workers, better understand your customers, and backup data.

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Gaining Business Insights

Whether you’re new to the cloud or have already used some tools, its power enables you to uncover new insights from your various data sources. With Amazon Web Services, your team can unify, analyse, and monitor information in user-friendly dashboards accessible on most devices.

Pushing the Boundaries of What Can Be Achieved in the Cloud
Pushing the Boundaries of What Can Be Achieved in the Cloud

SMBs building on AWS

We are supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland across multiple industries.

Make your Business a Smart Business

Outdated software, disconnected data sources, and paper files could be holding your company back. Digitising your company's most common processes can allow you to spend more time on high-value projects that reach your customers.

AWS events

Whether you're looking for in-person events, technical workshops or on-demand webinar series, we have plenty of events taking place all over the UK and Ireland to suit your needs.

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Our team of AWS experts in the UK and Ireland are here to guide you on your cloud journey. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, our team can support you.