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AWS Trackside: The Power of Data

 03 November 2023 | 13:00 - 20:00 BST

A battle of the world's best drivers but also the world's most innovative engineers

By using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Formula 1 is utilising innovative technologies, such as machine learning models and high performance computing to transform the sport.

Why Formula 1 chooses AWS

We needed a technology provider that would help us innovate faster and push our organization into the future, and AWS was a clear choice to partner with. By tapping into the breadth and depth of AWS and its innovative cloud technologies we’ve been able to bring fans closer to the split-second decisions on the track, redesign our future F1 cars, help us better understand the wealth of F1 data, and run analytics and machine learning to harness the power of that data, and so much more. We’re excited about what we’ve accomplished and thrilled to see what more we can do together.

- Ross Brawn, Managing Director of Motor Sports, F1

Here’s how it works

Transforming the Sport

AWS’s broadest and deepest functionality and unmatched pace of innovation is changing how F1 collects, analyzes, and leverages data and content to make decisions. With 300 sensors on each F1 race car generating more than 1.1 million data points per second transmitted from the cars to the pit, F1 is a truly data-driven sport.

Increasing Action
on the Track

F1 and AWS are using data to improve the performance of both vehicle and driver. By using AWS high performance computing, F1 was able to run aerodynamic simulations to develop its next generation car 70% faster than ever before, creating a car that reduces downforce loss from 50% to 15%. This dramatic reduction offers the chasing driver a higher chance of overtaking and in doing so offers more wheel-to-wheel action for the fans. This next generation car will be introduced in the 2022 season. F1 is also exploring the use of machine learning in its simulation process, giving the organization new insights and into more than 550 million data points collected through more than 5,000 single and multicar simulations. 

Engaging and
Delighting Fans

The fan experience is changing during a race weekend. With AWS, F1 has been able to turn millions of data points transmitted from cars and trackside into an engaging fan experience through its F1 Insights. F1 uses 70 years of historical race data stored on Amazon S3, analyzed by complex models and shared with fans as rich data insights that reveal the nuances of split-second decision making, and highlight performances through these advanced stats.

Fastest Driver

Using AWS machine learning technology this insight provides an objective, data-driven ranking of all F1 drivers from 1983 through present day, by removing the F1 car differential from the equation to determine an age-old question: Who is the fastest driver? Data scientists from F1 and the Amazon Machine Learning (ML) Solutions Lab have for the first time in history created a cross-era, objective, complex, data-driven ranking of driver speed.

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