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Discover the typical use cases of generative AI, the services available to you at AWS and learn how you can get an early win in your generative AI journey.

Top generative AI use cases

  • Chatbots and virtual assistants

    Streamline customer self-service processes and reduce operational costs by automating responses for customer service queries through generative AI-powered chatbots, voice bots, and virtual assistants.

    Call analytics

    Analyze calls from your contact center to extract valuable insights to improve customer experience and loyalty.

    Agent assist

    Use AI and generative AI to support and enhance the capabilities of human agents in tasks such as customer service, problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Improve employee productivity by quickly and easily finding accurate information and summarizing content through a conversational interface.

    Code generation

    Accelerate application development with code suggestions based on the developer’s comments and code.

    Automated report generation

    Generative AI can be used to automatically generate financial reports, summaries, and projections, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Marketing

    Create engaging marketing content, such as blog posts, social media updates, or email newsletters, saving time and resources.


    Generate personalized emails, messages based on a prospect's profile and behavior, improving response rates. Generate sales scripts or talking points based on the customer's segment, industry and the product or service.

    Product development

    AI can generate multiple design prototypes based on certain inputs and constraints, speeding up the ideation phase, or optimize existing designs based on user feedback and specified constraints.

  • Document processing

    Improve business operations by automatically extracting and summarizing data from documents and insights through generative AI-powered question and answering.

    Fraud detection

    Generative AI models can learn the patterns of fraudulent transactions and create synthetic fraud patterns to train more robust fraud detection systems.

    Supply chain optimization

    Improve logistics and reduce costs by evaluating and optimizing different supply chain scenarios.

Explore generative AI use cases for your industry

  • Digital scribe

    Transcribe patient-clinician conversations and generate easy-to-review clinical notes and insights, reducing the workload on healthcare professionals.

    Personalized medicine

    By generating treatment plans based on a patient's specific genetic makeup, lifestyle, and disease progression, AI can contribute to more effective, personalized care.

    Medical imaging

    AI can enhance, reconstruct, or even generate medical images like X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, which can aid in better diagnosis.

  • Drug discovery

    Generate new potential molecular structures for drugs, accelerating the process of drug discovery and reducing costs.

    Protein folding prediction

    Predict the 3D structures of proteins based on their amino acid sequence, which is crucial for understanding diseases and developing new therapies.

    Synthetic biology

    AI can generate designs for synthetic biological systems, such as engineered organisms or biological circuits.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    Generative AI can help in creating synthetic datasets to improve AML systems by simulating various money-laundering patterns.

    Portfolio management

    Generative AI can simulate various market scenarios and help in the creation and management of robust investment portfolios.

    Debt collection

    AI can generate the most effective communication and negotiation strategies for debt collection, increasing the rate of successful collections.

  • Product design

    Generative AI can be used to create new product designs based on set parameters and constraints. It can generate multiple design options and optimize for factors like cost, materials, performance, etc.

    Process optimization

    AI can generate the most efficient production processes by modeling different scenarios and optimizing for variables such as cost, time, resource utilization, etc.

    Material science

    AI can help in generating new material compositions with desired properties.

  • Pricing optimization

    Generative AI can model different pricing scenarios todetermine optimal pricing strategies that maximize profits.

    Virtual try-ons

    AI can generate virtual models of customers for virtual try-ons, improving the online shopping experience.

    Store layout optimization

    AI can generate the most efficient store layouts to improve customer shopping experience and boost sales.

  • Content generation

    Generative AI can be used to create scripts, dialogues, or even complete stories for films, TV shows, and games.

    Virtual reality

    Generative AI can create immersive and interactive virtual environments for games or simulations.

    News generation

    AI can generate news articles or summaries based on raw data or events.

Common use cases

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Produce original content

Create short stories, essays, songs, art, images, and other new content by providing generative AI with natural language prompts.

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Generate code

Accelerate application development with code suggestions in your IDE based on your comments and code.

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Expedite customer service

Answer questions with conversational interfaces including chatbots and virtual assistants.

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Summarise documents

Get summaries from textual content, including articles, blog posts, books, and documents.

Tools for building with generative AI on AWS

Amazon Bedrock

The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with Foundational Models (FMs).

AWS Trainium

Train faster with up to 50% savings on training costs over comparable Amazon EC2 instances.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

AI coding companion that helps you build applications faster and more securely; free for individual use.

Hugging Face on AWS

Dive deep and learn how to train, fine-tune and deploy Hugging Face models on AWS.

Amazon SageMaker

Learn how to build, train and deploy Foundational Models (FMs) at scale using Amazon SageMaker

AWS Inferentia

Run high-performance FM inference with up to 40% lower cost over comparable Amazon EC2 instances.

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