Building Your Generative AI Advantage

Valuable use cases and insights from top executives to kickstart your generative AI journey.

Imagining a generative AI-powered future

Generative AI is one of the most hyped technology trends in modern business. This has led Gartner to proclaim that “generative AI is at the peak of inflated expectations for revenue and sales technology”.

Executives know generative AI is important, but many are unclear exactly how it can be harnessed to unlock value for their organizations.

So, what is generative AI? And how should you be using it? With interviews and insights from executives, subject matter experts, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners at the leading-edge of generative AI innovation, this report answers these questions.

Download this report to learn:

  • How generative AI is transforming business by improving the customer experience; enhancing content creation and creativity; boosting staff productivity; optimising and reimagining business processes.
  • How to select the right generative AI use cases for your business
  • How to take the next step on your generative AI journey

"Foundation models have existed for a long time, and cloud technology accelerated their advancement by providing the data capacity and compute power to train these models at scale.”

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Steven Fung, AI GTM Leader, AWS


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