Amazon Chime Voice Connector

Cost-effective SIP trunking and advanced telephony features powered by AWS

Amazon Chime Voice Connector enables you to connect your phone system to the telephone network at a substantial cost savings by using SIP trunking. SIP trunking with Amazon Chime Voice Connector provides phone numbers with inbound or outbound calling. With Amazon Chime Voice Connector, you can also use advanced telephony features without upgrading your telephone system. You can stream audio from you telephone systems to AWSML/AI services for automated voice analytics or mask phone numbers using proxy phone sessions.

With Amazon Chime Voice Connector, there are no upfront fees or commitments. Unlike other services, there are no over-provisioning call path costs to scale for your busiest times. You only pay for the calling minutes, audio streaming minutes, Direct-Inward-Dial (DID), or toll-free phone numbers you use. You can leverage your existing investments in AWS Direct Connect or internet connection for secure and cost-effective network access. You can set up voice connector trunks and phone numbers in a few minutes and scale to support virtually any call traffic.

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Lower PSTN calling costs

Amazon Chime Voice Connector costs less than typical telco-providers. There are no upfront costs, such as trunk set-up fees, directory charges, and number porting charges. In addition, there are no long term commitments, no concurrent and over-provisioned call paths costs, and no charges for features like encryption. You can use AWS Direct Connect or other internet connection for network access, expensive Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits are not required.

Simplified telephony management

Amazon Voice Connector helps you eliminate the complexity of managing multiple service provider relationships to achieve high-availability and low-cost. Amazon Chime Voice Connector leverages Amazon’s highly reliable architecture and it automatically routes call around network or server failures to deliver highly-available communications. With Amazon Chime Voice Connector, you can manage and monitor your global telephony network from a single cloud-based command console.

Advanced telephony features you can’t get on your PBX

Amazon Chime Voice Connector can stream phone call audio from your telephone systems in real-time with Amazon Kinesis. This audio stream can be sent to AWS AI services to build recording, compliance monitoring, and analytics solutions. For example, you can record and transcribe calls using Amazon Transcribe and do sentiment analysis using Amazon Comprehend. You can also create proxy phone sessions to enable your users to communicate via phone call or text without sharing their personal phone numbers.

Use cases

PSTN Calling for corporate offices & branches

With Amazon Chime Voice Connector, you can consolidate multiple PSTN connections across your corporate and branch offices on AWS to reduce cost and simplify management. When you use Amazon Chime Voice Connector to dial into Amazon Chime meetings or to call Amazon Chime Voice Connector numbers, these calls do not incur per-minute charges.

PSTN Calling for on-premises contact centers

Amazon Chime Voice Connector elastically scales PSTN capacity to support the fluctuating call volumes typical to inbound contact centers. You can use the service to support inbound (sales or support use cases) or outbound (dialer use cases) or both at low calling rates.

Telephony backup & disaster recovery

Even if you are locked into an existing PSTN calling contract, you can set-up Amazon Chime Voice Connector alongside for backup and disaster recovery, without porting your phone numbers.. The service is cost-effective even as a backup as you only pay for what you use. With Amazon Chime Voice Connector, your business can keep running even in the event of an unforeseen issue with your primary service provider or if you experience unanticipated call volumes.

SIP Trunking for 3rd party cloud phone systems and conferencing

You can use Amazon Chime Voice Connector as the SIP trunking solution for cloud voice providers like Microsoft Teams Phone System or Zoom Phone System. You can also use Amazon Chime Voice Connector to provide audio conferencing services for meeting applications like Amazon Chime. Amazon Chime Voice Connector supports this solution with United States DIDs or toll-free phone numbers, inbound calling, and outbound calling to over 115 countries. The service works with Session Border Controllers (SBC) from AudioCodes and Ribbon Communications and other SBCs, enabling quick and easy service set-up.

AI/ML for on-premises contact centers

With the Amazon Chime Voice Connector streaming feature you can use AWS AI/ML services to build compliance monitoring, agent feedback, call recording, and sentiment analysis solutions for your on-premises contact center. The service streams SIPREC real-time phone call audio through easy-to-use APIs that integrate with services like Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend.

Proxy phone sessions

Use Amazon Chime proxy phone sessions to provide your users a way to contact each other using the reliability of a phone call or text, without requiring users to share their personal phone numbers. Users can connect regardless of internet connectivity or if they are signed in to your service. Proxy phone sessions work well when you need to connect users for the duration of a job or transaction, such as ride sharing, at-home service appointments, or online marketplaces. After each session ends, customers can no longer contact each other, and you can redirect out-of-session calls to support agents.

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