Getting Started with Amazon Macie

Step 1

Log in and enable Macie

Go to the AWS Management Console and select Amazon Macie. Open the Macie console and choose ‘Get Started’ to begin your 30-day free trial. The free trial includes 30-days of automated sensitive data discovery in S3 and bucket-level security and access controls.

Step 2

Macie continually evaluates your S3 environment

Macie generates a resource summary that includes bucket and object counts as well as details on the bucket-level security and access controls.

Step 3

Start discovering sensitive data

Macie automatically samples and analyzes objects in your S3 buckets, inspecting them for sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), builds an interactive data map of where your sensitive data in S3 resides across accounts, and provides a sensitivity score for each bucket.

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Technical resources

Amazon Macie user guide

Describes key concepts for Amazon Macie and provides instructions for using the Amazon Macie console.

Read documentation »

Amazon Macie API reference

Describes the supported API operations for Amazon Macie in detail.

Read documentation »

Demo Videos

Using Keywords to Discover Sensitive Data with Amazon Macie (6:39)
Read the documentation
Read the documentation

Learn more about Amazon Macie capabilities and implementation by reading the documentation.

Read documentation 
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