AWS Wickr

Protecting communications with end-to-end encryption

Secure collaboration across messaging, calling, file sharing, and screen sharing with end-to-end encryption.

Deploy and manage communication networks at scale through the
AWS Management Console.

Retain information as required for compliance, legal hold, and audit purposes.

Automate workflows with an extensible user interface using AWS Wickr bots and API operations.

How it works

AWS Wickr and AWS WickrGov encrypt messages, calls, and files with a 256-bit end-to-end encryption protocol. No one but the intended recipients and the customer organization can decrypt these communications, reducing the risk of adversary-in-the-middle attacks.

Use cases

Secure sensitive communications

Combat threats and facilitate out-of-band communications for disaster recovery and incident response.

Maintain privacy and build trust

Protect against third-party access to personal data, including personally identifiable information and protected health information.

Facilitate internal and external collaboration

Communicate securely with internal stakeholders and external partners through federation.

Strengthen administrative control

Establish and maintain control over user accounts, security settings, and data retention policies.

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