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Administrator guide

Describes key administrative controls of AWS Wickr and provides instructions to deploy and manage the service.

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Describes how to download the AWS Wickr clients, sign in, and get started with creating rooms, messages, and more.

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AWS Wickr | Product Demo (10:21)
AWS Wickr | Full Tutorial (3:42)
AWS Wickr | Admin Controls (5:55)
AWS Wickr | Global Federation (0:55)
AWS Wickr | Encrypted Voice Memos (0:41)
AWS Wickr | Starring Messages (1:07)
AWS Wickr | Broadcast Bot (1:04)
AWS Wickr | Location Sharing (1:49)
AWS Wickr | Saving Files (0:43)
AWS Wickr | Starring Messages (1:07)


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Case studies

  • Freedom Shield Foundation

    The Freedom Shield Foundation (FSF) and its operational partner rescue thousands of women and children from human trafficking and provide advanced trauma care to the survivors whom they rescue.

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  • Qintel

    Qintel operates in a fast-paced environment that requires secure communications in near real time on multiple devices. Email won’t cut it right now since we use PGP — not many folks have PGP capabilities on their phone.

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  • Fort Wayne Police Department

    Wickr allows our negotiations team to stream live command-post drone video and audio negotiations securely within the command post to those not in command vehicles, utilizing our traditional wireline hookups.

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re:Inforce presentations

Using AWS Wickr for Secure Communications (33:13)
Using AWS Wickr to Fight Human Trafficking (34:00)
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