Posted On: Jun 6, 2019

The AWS Solutions team recently updated Serverless Image Handler, a solution that combines highly available, trusted AWS services and the open source image processing suite Sharp to enable fast and cost-effective image manipulation on the AWS Cloud. The solution provides a demo user interface for image manipulation that allows you to interact directly with your image handler API endpoint using image files in your account. It also features an image request option that allows you to crop images using the facial recognition capabilities of Amazon Rekognition.

The solution deploys AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon CloudFront. If you choose to deploy the demo user interface, the solution automatically deploys an additional Amazon CloudFront distribution and Amazon S3 bucket for storing the static website assets into your account. For pricing details, see the pricing webpage for each AWS service you will be using in this solution. To learn more about Serverless Image Handler, see the solution webpage.   

Additional AWS Solutions offerings are available on the AWS Solutions webpage, where customers can browse solutions by product category or industry to find AWS-vetted, automated, turnkey reference implementations that address specific business needs.