Think about migrating to Amazon Linux AMI 2012.09 from earlier versions.

While older versions of the AMI and its packages will continue to be available for launch in Amazon EC2 even as new Amazon Linux AMI versions are released, we encourage users to migrate to the newer versions of the AMI, and to keep their systems updated. In some cases, customers seeking support for an older version of the Amazon Linux AMI through Amazon Premium Support may be asked to move to newer versions as part of the support process.

To upgrade to Amazon Linux AMI 2012.09 from 2012.03, 2011.09 or 2011.02, run yum update. When the transaction is complete, reboot your instance.

The Amazon Linux AMI 2012.09.1 point release shipped with kernel version 3.2.38, replacing the 3.2.30 kernel that shipped with the initial Amazon Linux AMI 2012.09.

This release supports multiple versions of both Apache and PHP, and they are engineered to work together in specific combinations. The first combination is the default, Apache 2.2 in conjunction with PHP 5.3, which are installed by running yum install httpd php. Based on customer requests, we support Apache 2.4 in conjunction with PHP 5.4 in the package repositories. These packages are accessed by running yum install httpd24 php54.

While OpenJDK 1.6 is still installed by default on the AMI, OpenJDK 1.7 is included in the package repositories, and available for installation. You can install it by running yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk.

Also coming from your requests, we have added the R language to the Amazon Linux AMI. We are here to serve your statistical analysis needs! Simply yum install R and off you go.

The default version of GCC that is available in the package repositories is GCC 4.6, which is a change from the 2012.03 AMI in which the default was GCC 4.4 and GCC 4.6 was shipped as an optional package. Furthermore, GCC 4.7 is available in the repositories. If you yum install gcc you will get GCC 4.6. For the other versions, either run yum install gcc44 or yum install gcc47.

Additional network interfaces attached while the instance is running will be configured automatically. Secondary IP addresses will be refreshed during DHCP lease renewal, and the related routing rules will be updated. This functionality is provided by the ec2-net-utils package, which can be removed if manual control over network configuration is required.

We have included updated versions of all the AWS command line tools that are part of the Amazon Linux AMI. See the 2012.09 package list for more details.

The CUDA toolkit version 4.2.9 is available on the Cluster GPU AMI.

Many of the packages in the AMI have been re-synced to their latest upstream version. For reference, we have produced a list of all source RPMs included in Amazon Linux AMI 2012.09.

There are six different flavors of the Amazon Linux AMI 2012.09. This compatibility table shows which 2012.09 AMI flavors launch on each EC2 instance type.

The Amazon Linux AMI FAQs is updated with both general and technical topics.

We use the Amazon EC2 Discussion Forum for bug reports, feature requests, and package requests. These forums are monitored by AWS Developer Support as well as the Amazon Linux AMI engineering team.