You can find product details and the latest AMI IDs on the Amazon Linux AMI page.

Please upgrade to Amazon Linux AMI 2017.03 from earlier versions!

While older versions of the AMI and its packages will continue to be available for launch in Amazon EC2 even as new Amazon Linux AMI versions are released, we encourage users to migrate to the latest version of the AMI and to keep their systems updated. In some cases, customers seeking support for an older version of the Amazon Linux AMI through AWS Support may be asked to move to newer versions as part of the support process.

To upgrade to Amazon Linux AMI 2017.03 from 2011.09 or later, run sudo yum clean all followed by sudo yum update. When the upgrade is complete, reboot your instance.

Remember that the Amazon Linux AMI repository structure is configured to deliver a continuous flow of updates that allow you to roll from one version of the Amazon Linux AMI to the next. Please consult our lock-on-launch FAQ for a discussion of how you can lock an instance (either a new launch or one already running) to a particular version of the Amazon Linux AMI repositories.

Released on June 19th, 2017.

  • We've updated the base AMI to include all bugfix and security updates that have been made available in our repositories since the 2017.03 release.

Having spent the past release tracking the 4.4 kernel series, for this release we have moved the kernel to version 4.9, which is the most recent long-term stable release kernel.

There is a benign warning message about APIC ID during boot in PV instance.
In our testing, we observed the below message thrown in the console/dmesg during boot.

[27143505.446220] [Firmware Bug]: CPU3: APIC id mismatch. Firmware: 0 APIC: e

The above is a known warning message and it does not affect the operation of the kernel/guest.

We'd like to remind you about our SNS topic which can keep you informed of our regular Amazon Linux AMI releases. To begin receiving notifications about our new AMI releases, please subscribe from the us-east-1 region to our SNS topic:


Many of our packages have been re-synced to newer upstream versions.

This compatibility table shows which Amazon Linux AMI flavors are recommended for each EC2 instance type.

The Amazon Linux AMI FAQs is updated with both general and technical topics.

We use the Amazon EC2 Discussion Forum for bug reports, feature requests, and package requests. These forums are monitored by AWS Developer Support as well as the Amazon Linux AMI engineering team.

We are actively hiring Linux Systems Engineer, Linux Software Development Engineer, and Linux Kernel Engineer positions!  :-)