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Natera™ is a global leader in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing, dedicated to oncology, women’s health, and organ health. They aim to make personalized genetic testing and diagnostics part of the standard of care to protect health and inform earlier, more targeted interventions that help lead to longer, healthier lives.

“We had a centralized team that was working on exposing data to our business. They had challenges exposing that data on time. With Amazon DataZone, we were able to introduce that in a way that allowed us to have a self-serve approach for our teams to access data. We can measure things immediately.”

Mirko Buholzer, VP of Software Engineering, Natera

Natera drives data-driven decisions and speeds innovation with AWS


Holaluz is an energy transition technology company born with the conviction of being a tool for global change and the purpose of achieving a world that runs 100% thanks to green energy. Holaluz proposes a structural change: transforming the current energy generation model - centralized and non-renewable - towards a new model with more weight of distributed and 100% green generation. From a unique strategy of two businesses - installation of solar panels and energy management - and with the vision of creating the largest green energy community in Europe, Holaluz builds a green ecosystem in homes by transforming m2 of rooftops into 100% renewable electricity producers and optimizing the efficiency of its installations through flexible assets such as EV chargers and batteries.  

“At Holaluz, unifying data across our businesses, while having distributed ownership with individual teams to share and govern their data, is our key priority. Our data is owned by different teams, and sharing typically meant the central team had to grant access. This approval created a bottleneck in our processes. We needed a faster way to analyze data with decentralized ownership, so data access can be approved by the owning team. We have validated the business data catalog use cases in Amazon DataZone preview and are looking forward to get started when it is generally available. Our consumers will be able to find, subscribe, and publish their newly created assets for others to discover, which will enable a data flywheel.”

Danny Obando, Lead Data Architect, Holaluz

Bristol Myers Squibb

Bristol Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. Bristol Myers Squibb combines the agility of a biotech with the reach and resources of an established pharmaceutical company to create a global leading biopharma company powered by talented individuals who drive scientific innovation.

"Bristol Myers Squibb is actively pursuing an initiative to reduce the time it takes to discover and develop drugs by more than 30%. A key component of this strategy is addressing data sharing challenges and optimizing data availability. Engaging with AWS, we found that Amazon DataZone helped us create our data products, catalog them, and govern them, making our data more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable ( FAIR). We're currently assessing the broader applicability of Amazon DataZone within our enterprise framework to determine if it aligns with our operational goals."

David Liu, Director, Research IT Solution Architecture, Bristol Myers Squibb

Guardant Health

The Guardant Health mission is to conquer cancer with data. It's an ambitious pursuit. It requires a singular focus, the contributions of many, small steps and bold leaps, and a relentless commitment to patients. Guardant Health provides doctors with the critical insights that give them greater confidence in the decisions that they make every day in the fight against cancer.

"By harmonizing data across multiple business domains, we can foster a culture of data sharing. To this end, we have been using Amazon DataZone to free up our developers from building and maintaining a platform, allowing them to focus on tailored solutions. Utilizing an AWS managed service was important to us for several reasons—combining capabilities within the AWS ecosystem, quicker time to obtain business insights from data analysis, standardized data definitions, and leveraging the potential of generative AI. We look forward to our continued partnership with AWS to generate better outcomes for Guardant Health and the patients we serve. This is more than mere data; it's our dynamic journey."

Rajesh Kucharlapati, Senior Director of Data, CRM and Analytics, Guardant Health


Itaú is a full-service financial institution that offers a complete spectrum of financial products and services to a broad range of clients, from individuals to the most sophisticated institutional investors.

“Being data-driven is one of our main corporate objectives, always guided by best practices in data governance, data privacy, and security. At Itaú, data is treated as one of our main assets; good data management and definition are core parts of our solutions, in every use of AWS analytics services. Together with the AWS team, we were able to experiment with Amazon DataZone in preview, proposing features aligned with our technological and business needs. One example is data by domain, a simplification of data governance processes and distribution of responsibilities among business units. With Amazon DataZone generally available to our contributors, we expect to be able to quickly and easily set up rules across domains for teams composed of data analysts, engineers, and scientists, fostering experimentation with data hypothesis across multiple business use cases, with simplified governance.“

Priscila Cardoso Ferreira, Data Governance and Privacy Superintendent, Itaú Unibanco



Slalom is a purpose-led global business and technology consulting company. From strategy to implementation, their approach is fiercely human. In eight countries and 45 markets, they deeply understand their customers—and their customers—to deliver practical end-to-end solutions that drive meaningful impact.

"Slalom is excited to support our customers with the new Amazon DataZone offering. Amazon DataZone will facilitate much needed data governance and democratization, making data more accessible to the frontlines of any organization. By leveraging Amazon DataZone, our customers will be able to safely unlock access to rich business insights, which will facilitate innovation in analytics and AI/ML, too."

Brent Adam, Cloud Solutions Architect Leader, Slalom

Data Reply

Reply is a leading, modern consulting firm providing end-to-end solutions on AWS. AirWalk Reply, Comsysto Reply, Data Reply, Discovery Reply, Retail Reply, Sense Reply, and Storm Reply are Reply Group companies specialized on AWS as a whole process, from cloud advisory to migration and managed services, with a strong focus on cloud-native development, IoT, big data, and ML.

"At Data Reply, we excel in supporting and guiding our clients throughout their journey to becoming a data-driven organization. Our expertise lies in harnessing cutting-edge technologies, such as AI/ML and generative AI, to deliver actionable insights and enhance operational excellence. Data governance stands as a pivotal challenge and a fundamental requirement for a successful data-driven transformation. We are thrilled to collaborate with Amazon DataZone: a cornerstone for data democratization and governance, and a catalyst for modern data platforms like data mesh. This partnership empowers our clients to bolster control, foster collaboration, and streamline data access within a secure and governed environment, offering them a comprehensive view of their data landscape."

Ajish Palakadan, Modern Data Platform Lead, Data Reply UK


Cognizant is one of the world's leading professional services companies, transforming clients' business, operating, and technology models for the digital era. Their unique industry-based consultative approach helps clients envision, build, and run more innovative and efficient businesses. Headquartered in the US, Cognizant, a member of the Nasdaq-100, is ranked 185 on the Fortune 500.

"Cognizant is confident that organizations will increase their investments in data management to accelerate decision making, boost productivity, and deliver superior experiences. As organizations increasingly leverage generative AI capabilities, the demand for searching and collaborating of data assets, while maintaining lineage and privacy, will increase exponentially. We are delighted to be an inaugural partner of Amazon DataZone to help our customers in realizing their data management vision."

Diptesh Singh, Cognizant AI&A Data Management Practice Leader, Cognizant


Deloitte is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and a leader in digital transformation strategy. Through a network of more than 330,000 professionals, industry specialists, and an ecosystem of alliances, Deloitte assists clients in turning complex business issues into opportunities for growth. Our market-leading teams help organizations transform in the digital era.

"As the lifeblood of digital transformation, organizations are turning to data to make more informed decisions, drive transparency, and create modernized, future-focused organizations that meet their customers' needs in a highly competitive market. At the same time, many organizations are facing challenges in unlocking data due to governance models and privacy constraints, as well as efficiently getting to the most valuable information. By integrating Amazon DataZone into our products and solutions, such as Deloitte's ConvergeHEALTH™ Digital Asset Explorer, we can help our clients unlock new opportunities and engineer advantage by gaining visibility into previously untapped datasets. This will help them make more informed business decisions, manage risks, serve customers, and innovate while maintaining compliance and governance policies."

Juan Tello, US Chief Data Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP


Accenture is a leading global professional services company that provides an end-to-end solution to migrate to and manage operations on AWS. Accenture's staff of over 700,000 includes over 40,000 trained who hold over 30,000 AWS Certifications.

"Accenture is looking forward to integrating Amazon DataZone within the Data and Insights Fabric of our Velocity Platform. Our clients who have petabytes of data in myriad data sources, across multiple accounts and regions, find it challenging to discover their data. By using Amazon DataZone, these companies can discover and share data at scale across organizational boundaries with governance and the right access controls."

Jonathan Steinert, Managing Director, AABG Data & AI Lead, Accenture