Trying Redshift

AWS account required: Step through the Getting Started tutorial and use the free trial to create and provision your first cluster, then load and query sample data in minutes.

Get started with Amazon Redshift provisioned.

Get started with Amazon Redshift Serverless.

Before you start, you can also experience Amazon Redshift through an interactive dashboard built using public datasets. 

Learning resources

  1. Read a conceptual introduction in the Amazon Redshift System Overview.
  2. Load and analyze your own data. See Designing Tables, Loading Data, Designing Queries in the Database Developer Guide.
  3. Analyze your data with any SQL client using industry-standard ODBC/JDBC connections. See Connecting to a Cluster in the Management Guide for details.
  4. Learn how to query data stored in Amazon S3, without moving the data, using Redshift Spectrum. See the Getting Started with Redshift Spectrum tutorial.
  5. Check out business intelligence (BI) and data integration (ETL) vendors that have certified Amazon Redshift for use with their tools.
  6. Get trained to be an expert by attending an instructor-led class.

Doing a proof-of-concept?

If you are building a proof-of-concept solution with Amazon Redshift, we recommend that you read Building a Proof of Concept for Amazon Redshift. To request assistance from us for your proof-of-concept, click here.

Ready to deploy solutions

Deploy a complete solution based on Amazon Redshift with step-by-step guides 

Getting started project | 60 minutes

Deploy a data warehouse

In this project, you will create and configure an Amazon Redshift data warehouse, configure the cluster, secure your cluster, load sample data, and analyze it using a SQL client.

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Migration project | 120 minutes

Migrate from Oracle to Redshift

Convert the data warehouse schema and code, migrate data and perform post-migration activities with minimal downtime.

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Customer ready solution featuring AWS Partners

Modern data warehouse with Tableau, Redshift and Matillion

Deploy a modern enterprise data warehouse (EDW) environment that is based on Amazon Redshift

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Getting started videos

Are you just getting started on Amazon Redshift or want to take advantage of the new features? This set of short videos will show you how to get started on Amazon Redshift and its features such as materialized views, federated query, cost controls, and pause and resume.

Easy analytics for everyone

Get started on Amazon Redshift (3:18)
An Overview of Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 (3:06)
Query your Data Lake from Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 (4:19)
Amazon Redshift pause and resume (2:26)
Data Loading with Query Editor v2 (5:08)
Amazon Redshift Console - see how it works! (10:38)

Analyze all your data

Amazon Redshift federated query (6:18)
Amazon Redshift data sharing use cases (14:26)
Amazon Redshift data sharing workflow (8:53)
Build and train machine learning models with Amazon Redshift and Amazon SageMaker (15:42)

Performance at any scale

Amazon Redshift materialized views (3:49)
Cost controls for Amazon Redshift Spectrum and concurrency scaling (5:44)


Federating Amazon Redshift access with Microsoft Azure AD (14:29)
Federating Amazon Redshift with PingOne single sign-on and multi-factor authentication (12:13)
Column level access control in Amazon Redshift (10:34)

Get started with consulting help

AWS Partners with the AWS Data and Analytics Competency designation offer consulting services to help you quickly discover value from a modern data warehouse running on AWS. See all consulting offers.

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