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Using AWS, Zoona cut IT costs in half while increasing the size of its infrastructure and the number of IT services it supports. The company, which helps people in sub-Saharan Africa gain access to financial services for the first time, has more than 1.6 million customers using Zoona to make electronic money transfers. Zoona built a microservices architecture on AWS with Amazon EC2 instances supporting all applications, Amazon RDS supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and Amazon DynamoDB running Datomic, a distributed database.

“ We reduced our IT costs by 50% by moving to AWS, even though our IT infrastructure is much larger and supports a wider range of services than in the past.”

Zoona, Andre Penderis, Chief Technology Officer

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By using AWS, HealthQ’s LifeQ platform delivers 99.9 percent uptime and gives users 24/7 insight into key metrics related to their fitness and activity levels. The South Africa–based company develops technology used in wearable fitness devices—such as TomTom’s SPARK range of products—to measure vital signs, including heart and respiratory rates. Working with AWS ensures LifeQ can quickly comply with HIPAA data-security standards, enabling it to partner with global wearables manufacturers such as TomTom and Garmin. The company uses AWS products including AWS CodeDeploy, AWS Identity and Access Management, and Elastic Load Balancing.

“We work with great companies that are the best at what they do. So why … construct an infrastructure from scratch when AWS gives us the tools to do that faster and with better security?”

LifeQ, Riaan Conradie, President and Co-founder

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Travelstart is an example of a South African company using AWS to grow their business globally. Travelstart is Africa’s largest travel booking website offering flights, hotel bookings, car rental, vacation packages and a range of insurance services. The company operates in more than 15 countries across Africa and the Middle East.

“AWS is the only partner to choose if you want real global reach and deployment flexibility. Its worldwide presence was a big reason we chose it over other cloud providers. We knew it could help us grow our operations.”

Travelstart, Jan-André le Roux, Systems Architect

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PayGate, founded in 1996, has grown to become the leading payment platform in Africa and now counts some of the continents’ largest and most well respected companies as customers such as YuppieChef, MTN, Air Namibia as well as internationally recognised organisations such as DHL and Zapper.

"We can do things in seconds working in the cloud with AWS technologies. This is what makes the biggest difference to me day to day."

Paygate, David Beukes, IT Director

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MiX Telematics provides web and mobile solutions for fleet customers world-wide to manage their drivers and vehicles. It hosts its SaaS application on an Amazon Web Services infrastructure split across three regions. In addition, MiX Telematics now has cost-effective disaster recovery and backup, is easily able to adhere to their customers’ compliance requirements and has access to innovative tools.

"The MiX brand is about delivering high-quality solutions to our customers globally. Hosting with AWS helps us deliver on that promise."

Mix Telematics, Catherine Lewis, Executive Vice President Technology

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Medscheme, a subsidiary of the AfroCentric Health Group and South Africa’s largest health risk management services provider, is rolling out the Medscheme Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform which will be available to healthcare administrators and managed care organisations both locally and internationally.

"AWS enabled us to launch our application in a very short space of time. We could extend our current environment into the cloud and integrate information from different sources, plus we can scale without incurring huge upfront costs."

Medscheme, Kevin Aron, CEO

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Simfy Africa has been providing music-streaming services in South Africa since 2012. Its customers gain access to a global music library of more than 32 million songs through devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Wholly owned by mobile entertainment company eXactmobile, Simfy Africa services are available in South Africa, Nigeria, and Angola, with a number of other countries expected to go live soon.

"Because we’re using AWS, we can approach new markets knowing that if we get the response we hope for, we’ll be able to expand our infrastructure in a matter of minutes."

Simfy Africa, Ryan Birkin, Director

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Luno (formerly known as BitX) provides customers with a platform they can use to store and trade in Bitcoin―the digital asset and payment system, or cryptocurrency―based on blockchain technology. The startup has operations in South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and is focused on expanding into other markets.

"Most of the organizations we’re competing against are traditional financial services firms that haven’t embraced the cloud. Using AWS, we can be more agile—and more secure—than our competitors." 

Luno, Timothy Stranex, Chief Technology Officer

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