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With ever growing data, organizations can gain valuable insights from analytics. However, to cost effectively capture and analyze data, they must first modernize legacy on-premises data warehouses, which are often costly and slow to scale. This makes it difficult to ingest, process, and analyze data quickly enough to gain time-sensitive insights. Additionally, legacy data warehouse solutions often lack the flexibility and speed to run analytics on new data types at the velocity needed in modern IT.

The flexibility of AWS and Tableau enables you to modernize your data warehouse in a way that empowers people throughout your organization to easily ask and answer questions of your data in real-time. AWS and its APN Partners offer a complete set of services to implement the entire data warehousing workflow, from consulting migration, data ingest to data lake storage, data warehousing analytics, and visualization of resutls.

Amazon Redshift provides a complete platform for a data warehouse, including the ability to directly query exabyte-scale datasets in Amazon S3. Additionally, AWS provides a partner ecosystem that allows you to get support for every step of your data warehouse modernization process. AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners like 47Lining and NorthBay can support you in the early stages to help you assess your needs, what the best migration path, and how to build a model for each use case. You can then leverage Matillion to help seamlessly migrate from your on-premises data warehouse to Amazon Redshift. Once your data warehouse is on the AWS Cloud, you can use an APN Partner like Tableau to visually analyze that data and share your findings with rest of your organization in a secure and governed way.

Learn more about how hosting a data warehouse on AWS gives you access to powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solutions to help your organization future ready your data practices.

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Unlock insights and reduce costs by modernizing your data warehouse on AWS. Learn how education and media conglomerate, Pearson, used Tableau and AWS to empower their users and implement analytics on a modern data warehouse.

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AWS provides a deep suite of cost-effective and scalable database, storage, computational, and analytics services to help organizations modernize their data warehousing and get the most out of all of their data. Other key benefits of data warehouse modernization on AWS include:

  • Load virtually any type of data into Amazon Redshift from a range of data sources including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EMR, and AWS Data Pipeline.
  • Leverage a third-party ETL tool, such as Matillion, to increase load speeds for Amazon Redshift.
  • Gain access to flexible, cost-effective, and scalable IT resources for virtually any Big Data application including data warehousing, clickstream analysis, fraud detection, event-driven ETL, and much more.
  • Apply a broad and deep selection of analytics and visualization tools on top of your data.
  • Benefit from a datacenter and network architecture built to meet the needs of the most security-sensitive organizations.
  • Utilize infrastructure designed to support dozens of compliance programs, helping you meet your compliance requirements.

Leverage Matillion ETL to seamlessly load and transform data from multiple sources into an analytics-ready state within Amazon Redshift.

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Visually analyze your Amazon Redshift hosted data with a couple of clicks. Share and access this interactive insight from anywhere with Tableau Server on AWS. Empower your business to scale self-service analytics in a secure and governed way.

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Leverage NorthBay’s experience, dozens of successful implementations with iconic customers, continuous education, and deep alignment with AWS to build your modern data warehouse solution.

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Migrate your data warehouse to Amazon Redshift, build high-throughput real-time analytics, and access predictive capabilities with help from 47Lining.

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Leverage this Quick Start to help you deploy a modern enterprise data warehouse (EDW) environment that is based on Amazon Redshift and includes the visual analytics and enterprise collaboration capabilities of Tableau Server.

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View the Jumpstart consulting offer with a Proof of Concept (PoC) leveraging a reference architecture and leading solutions from AWS, Tableau, Matillion, and 47LIning experts.

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View the Jumpstart consulting offer from NorthBay to prove-out, pilot, and accelerate cloud data warehouse initiatives.

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