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Your data, and how you choose to manage, analyse, integrate, and gain insights from it, impacts your ability to stay competitive. AWS Big Data Competency Partners provide big data solutions to help you leverage the benefits and navigate the challenges of moving, transforming, and analysing large data sets.

AWS Marketplace makes it easy for you to discover, purchase, migrate and deploy software and services to improve the way you build business analytics solutions and run your business. To help you get started, check out the featured big data solutions, validated by the AWS Competency Program to help you make the most of your data.

  • Deploy solutions when you need them, in multiple regions around the world
  • Software solutions are pre-configured and ready to run on AWS
  • Pay only for what you use. Integrate software costs to your AWS bill

Citrix, a Fortune 1000 multinational software company, needed to migrate massive amounts of data generated by its FileShare platform to Amazon Redshift, where it could perform analytics to help inform product improvements and drive success. To do this, Citrix needed an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solution.

Matillion ETL, easily deployable from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, helps Citrix collate and summarise data and augment it with more traditional business data from Microsoft SQL Server for additional context. Join our webinar to learn how organisations of any size can move data to the cloud quickly, accurately, and affordably with Matillion ETL.

Webinar Title: Citrix moves data to Amazon Redshift fast with Matillion ETL
Customer Presenters: Shawn Edmondson, Senior Director of Engineering and Sheeya Gem, Database Engineer, Citrix
Matillion Presenter: Ed Thompson, CTO

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Large organisations need to gain insights from their data to understand customer behavior, operational efficiency, and uncover new business opportunities. The sheer volume and diversity of data to be analysed – from mobile clickstreams, social media, cloud warehouses, and other sources - can make this challenging. Tableau on AWS offers a scalable analytics platform that allows users to connect to virtually any data source for interactive analysis.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Schibsted Media Group, a global company specialising in online marketplaces and digital media, uses Tableau on AWS to visually analyse data and enable collaboration between a wide range of data users across its organisation. Tableau’s collaborative features and self-service tools help Schibsted shave days off of business intelligence (BI) reporting tasks while leveraging the agility of AWS to accelerate analytic insights at scale.

Webinar Title: Run and scale visual analytics with Tableau on AWS
Customer Presenter:
Eric Hannell, Global Tableau Server Administrator, Schibsted
AWS Presenter: Rupert Morris, Partner Solution Architect, AWS
Tableau Presenter: Michele Tessari, Sales Consultant

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Organizations that have vast amounts of data in legacy applications often experience difficulties delivering that data to business unit end-users. NorthBay helps organizations scale their ETL and data warehousing workloads using Amazon EMR and Amazon Redshift. As an AWS premiere consulting partner NorthBay has expertise and in-depth knowledge of how you can use a Data Lake in conjunction with your existing on-premises or cloud-based Data Warehouse.

Sign up for the webinar to learn how Eliza Corporation and Scholastic overcame this challenge by leveraging a Data Lake solution from NorthBay on AWS to optimize data analytics and provide greater visibility.

Webinar Title: Develop a Custom Data Solution Architecture with NorthBay
Customer Presenters:
John Puopolo, SVP, Engineering, Eliza Corporation; Ali Khan, Director of BI, Scholastic
AWS Presenter: Sai Reddy Thangirala, Solutions Architect
Northbay Presenter: Raza Shaikh, CTO
Date: October 18th, 2016 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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New applications architectures require new monitoring approaches with troubleshooting and monitoring tools that can scale to analyze large volumes of machine data (logs and time-series metrics) and support top-to-bottom visibility in development and production environments. Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform analyzes AWS logs and time-series metrics to drive operational, security and business insights. Sumo Logic provides IT Ops teams with the ability to visualize and monitor workloads in real-time, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis across AWS, other cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Join our upcoming webinar will discuss how Sumo Logic can enable your organization to harness cloud-native machine data analytics to improve software quality and application reliability on AWS.

Webinar Title: Real-time Visibility at Scale with Sumo Logic
Customer Presenter: Mark Kelly, Director of Cloud and Infrastructure Architecture, Scripps Networks
AWS Presenter: Dave Rocamora, Solutions Architect
Sumo Logic Presenter: Kalyan Ramanathan, VP of Product Marketing
Date: October 19th, 2016 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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Data-driven companies have a need to create a single, accessible source of truth for all of their data. Looker on AWS is designed to find, explore, and understand the data that drives your business. Looker on AWS resolves these challenges by providing a data platform that can analyze data stored in a SQL Database. Looker provides AWS customers with the ability to create their own modern, data analytics cloud.

Join our webinar to learn how Casper made the switch from a transactional database to Looker’s data analytics program on Amazon Redshift.

Webinar Title: A Data Culture with Embedded Analytics in Action
Customer Presenter: Scott Breithenother, VP, Data and Analytics, Casper
AWS Presenter: Dave Rocamora, Solutions Architect
Looker Presenter: Erin Franz, Senior Analyst, Alliances
Date: October 20th, 2016 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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Snowflake Computing, a cloud data warehousing company, has helped reinvent the data warehouse for the AWS Cloud and today’s data. The Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse is built from the cloud up with a completely new architecture that delivers the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of Big Data platforms, and the elasticity of the AWS Cloud – at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Join the webinar and learn how Snowflake’s unique Elastic Cloud Warehouse on AWS helped the BI team for eliminate data redundancy and providing one vision of the truth.

Join Snowflake and to learn how Snowflake designed a custom cloud data warehouse solution that allowed to quickly store and analyze their 1.5 terabytes of collected data daily.

Webinar Topic: Running Elastic Data Warehouse with Snowflake
Featured Customer:
Erkia Bakse, IAC Publishing Labs
AWS Presenter:
Scott Ward, Solutions Architect
Snowflake Presenter: Saqib Mustafa, Director Product Marketing
Actual Webinar Date: August 16, 2016 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time 

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Qubole enables the Data-Driven Enterprise to turn big data into valuable business insights. The Qubole Data Service (QDS) provides data teams with control, automation and leverage to deploy and run any kind of big data workload, using any analytic engine for an unlimited number of users on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It takes full advantage of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Kinesis while dynamically managing resource elasticity and cost.

Join our webinar, and see how Qubole uses the AWS Cloud to accelerate self-service access for data analysts and data scientists.

Webinar Topic: Qubole: Unlocking Self-Service Big Data Analytics on AWS
AWS Presenter:
Rahul Bhartia, Solutions Architect
Qubole Presenter: Dharmesh Desai, Technology Evangelist
Actual Webinar Date: August 17, 2016 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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On-Demand Big Data Analytics. Build an entire analytics application to power your business. Scale a Hadoop cluster from zero to thousands of servers within just a few minutes, and then turn it off again when you’re done. This means you can process big data workloads in less time and at a lower cost than an on-premises environment.

Clickstream Analysis. Improve your customer’s digital experience and get a better understanding of your website. AWS and APN Partners provide the Big Data tools to take clickstream data into valuable, actionable insights into customer behavior and new business opportunities.

Event-driven Extract, Transform, Load (ETL). Extract data from your existing data sources, transform it into a usable format, and load it into Amazon Redshift for interactive query and analysis using AWS tools. Amazon Redshift can be integrated with a wide variety of data sources, including AWS services and tools from APN Partners, making it an extensive, robust data warehousing solution for your organization.

Data Warehousing. Optimize query performance and reduce costs by using Big Data services such as Amazon EMR. Amazon EMR allows you to leverage the power of Apache Hadoop framework to perform data transformations and load processed data into Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Redshift for analytic and business intelligence applications.

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Maximizing Your Organization’s Potential with AWS

  • AWS provides a broad, deep set of services with the flexibility and performance needed to build virtually any Big Data application without the infrastructure constraints commonly found in on-premises environments.
  • AWS and APN Partners provide the services and tools organizations need to effectively analyze, monitor, and log data from virtually any source


  • With AWS, you no longer need to be restricted by rigid on-premises infrastructure. AWS can scale as rapidly as your Big Data environment can grow.
  • The growing complexity and magnitude of today’s Big Data workloads not only requires rapidly scalable infrastructure, it also requires tools designed to scale along with the environment. APN Partners provide highly scalable Big Data solutions that be easily integrated with your AWS infrastructure.

In on-premises environments, you need to estimate your future requirements and procure and deploy infrastructure accordingly, which often leads to poor utilization. With AWS, your organization can acquire what you need as you go, eliminating provisioning costs and reducing TCO. AWS and APN Partners, enable you to avoid the costly implementation, updating, and management of hardware required in an on-premises environment so you can focus on your applications.