Amazon Web Services has a subsidiary in Canada to support the growth of the cloud computing business and its rapidly expanding customer base in the country. We are supporting businesses of all sizes from start-ups to the country’s most established enterprises and public sector organizations.

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Infraestrutura global da AWS
Região da infraestrutura

Region & Number of Availability Zones

AWS GovCloud (2)

US West
Oregon (3), Northern California (3)

US East
Northern Virginia (5), Ohio (3)

Central (2)

South America

São Paulo (3)

Ireland (3), Frankfurt (2), London (2)

Asia Pacific
Singapore (2), Sydney (3), Tokyo (3), Seoul (2), Mumbai (2)

Beijing (2)

Lançamento de nova região em breve

New Region (coming soon)




Starting today, customers can run their applications and workloads in the new Canada (Central) Region with 2 availability zones.

End-users based in Canada can leverage the Canada Region to avoid up-front expenses, long-term commitments, and scaling challenges associated with maintaining and operating their own infrastructure. Canada joins Northern Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Northern California and AWS GovCloud as the sixth AWS Region in North America and as the sixteenth worldwide, bringing the total number of AWS Availability Zones to 42 globally.

AWS’ new Canada Region supports Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Glacier, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Redshift and more.

Additional details on the full list of the supported services and specific pricing for each is available at: Global Infrastructure page. For a complete list of AWS Regions and services, visit the products & services page.







Brault & Martineau

" At Brault & Martineau, the leading furniture and appliance retailer in Quebec, our eCommerce site is a critical component of our digital future. We are moving our eCommerce platform to AWS to lower costs, improve performance and reliability via automation and configuration management and to provide more agility so we can continue to innovate in our customer experience. We are excited about and intend to use the new Canadian region based out of Quebec." -  Jean-François Deschênes, Directeur numérique, e-commerce et TI


Banro Corporation

"AWS enabled us to launch new systems within minutes, as opposed to months or weeks." - Thorsten Neumann, Group IT Manager


"As a truly global organization, with employees and customers around the world, we require the ability to cost-effectively and efficiently connect both with our teams and with our customers. AWS’s product has helped enable more reliable and interactive communication for our business. We are leveraging several of the available tools to drive operational enhancements and cost savings overall."


"Camso is a customer-focused, world-class manufacturer of high-performance products for the off-road vehicle market. We required a world-class engine to drive our operations and cost efficiency and are excited to be piloting SAP S/4HANA on AWS to support our facilities across 24 countries around the world." -  Kevin Norris - Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations Director

" By leveraging built-in AWS Cloud services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elasticsearch, and the suite of AWS analytics and security services, D2L is accelerating our innovation and global expansion in a cost-effective way to serve millions of learners. Serving our customers from AWS locations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and now Canada, learners everywhere can have an exceptional learning experience on Brightspace, our award-winning LMS. With AWS’s reliability, security, and availability, D2L will continue to provide our high level of service and a global, end-to-end security approach, now on one trusted infrastructure." - Nick Oddson, CTO of D2L


"EllisDon continues to partner with leaders in technology to enable growth in our operations and strong brand, both in Canada and globally. Amazon Web Services is establishing a significant presence in Canada; we are excited by our new and expanding relationship as we look to innovate further as a leader in the construction industry." - Joe Jagodich, SVP CIO

Globe and Mail

"We had already been prototyping a number of recommendation algorithms on AWS, and it had been a great experience, so we decided to take the next step of using AWS for our official cloud platform. Moving from the prototype stage to the production stage in the cloud has been a lot quicker than expected. Together with ClearScale and AWS, we developed a solution that allows us to easily test different algorithms and variations. As a result, we can better understand what is and isn’t working, so we can continually improve the performance of our app and quickly measure the lift we’re getting. Now with an AWS Region in Canada, we can move more workloads to the AWS Cloud and reach Canadian based end users with even lower latency across the country." - Mike O'Neill, Director of Data Science  

Lululemon Athletica

"We have users all around the world, using any kind of device, and it’s important that the data, the information provide to them is reliable and can be available at any time. I don’t need to worry about my servers, my processes, everything just works." - Marco Merens, Chief of Integrated Aviation Analysis


"At Kik we use a wide range of AWS products to support features used by millions of people. Our data team deals with a massive number of events every day, and most competing data warehousing solutions would have cost us up to $1 million a year. By contrast, Amazon Redshift costs us just $100,000 all-in, representing a total cost savings of around 90 percent and a much stronger return on our investment." -  Joel Cumming, Head of Data

Lululemon Athletica

"Leveraging AWS allows us to spend more time focusing on what truly differentiates us in the market, rather than on maintaining custom infrastructure solutions. WS Services are highly performant and easily choreographed, allowing us to measure deployments in minutes or even seconds. We see competing cloud providers cloning AWS services but we remain with AWS since they are far in the lead and continue to accelerate the release of new services and regions, now with an AWS Region in Canada, which only serves to continue to enhance the value of their offerings." - Sam Keen, Director of Product Architecture


MPAC runs its core property valuation engine 5,000 per cent faster at one-tenth the cost using AWS instead of its older IT architecture. MPAC—the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation—is a public sector organization responsible for providing valuations for more than five million properties across Canada. The company moved from its traditional IT architecture to be more responsive and agile in serving its customers.

National Bank of Canada

"The application we were using wasn’t effective. We were only able to answer 10 percent of the questions we wanted to answer. We also couldn’t process historical data, which we needed to do in order to get more context. The speed and performance of AWS is impressive and data manipulation processes that once took days are now done in one minute. We have been able to better serve our customers and have improved and optimized trading operations, therefore generating more revenue for National Bank of Canada."- Pascal Bergeron, Director of Algorithmic Trading for the bank’s Global Equity Derivatives Group


" As one of the earliest adopters of cloud computing in Canada, we have utilized AWS for years – and it has delivered on the promise of a powerful, cost-effective, flexible and innovative cloud offering for us. We are excited that AWS is bringing even more capabilities to market in Canada, just in time for our B2B platform build out of the Postmedia Innovation Outpost at Communitech (Waterloo, ON)." - Thomas Jankowski, EVP and Chief Digital Officer



"We offer our fans multi-platform content which makes it critical for us to maintain a balance between rapid development cycles, service uptime, and transparent access to sports data. We wanted to run our micro-services architecture in way that scales quickly and seamlessly, and needed a platform that can quickly analyze the big data that our apps generate to shape the user experience and maximize their engagement. AWS has given us an effective way to dynamically scale our online business and make data-driven decisions. Now, with a new local AWS Region, we have the option to locate our turn-key big data infrastructure in Canada." - Hecham Ghazal, VP of Engineering


"We turned to AWS because we were looking for a service for our customers that provided high scalability and availability. Not only are we able to support online platforms in 14 languages worldwide, but we’re also able to maintain high availability during peak capacity. Since onboarding with AWS, our margins have improved, we’ve been able to develop a product that really differentiates us and we have reduced estimated operational costs by 35 per cent." -  Bob Barnard, VP Engineering

Sequence Bio

"As a growing biotechnology company Sequence Bio deals with sensitive information every single day - having a new AWS Region allows us to build and deploy our platform and keep data 100 percent in Canada." - Dan Brake, Director of Technology Development


"Tangerine and Amazon share many common attributes. We have a common passion for putting our customers first, embracing technology to better serve their needs and delivering the most innovative products and services. We are thrilled that Amazon Web Services is bringing its cloud services to Canada as it will help us deliver on our vision to support Canadians to make smart financial decisions for a better life."


"Tridel builds communities that are Built Green. Built for Life.® The Condominium and retirement residences from Tridel are built using technology as a cornerstone to deliver an outstanding living experience. We continue to use AWS to power our websites and we are excited by the potential of these new services in Canada to power low-risk innovation for the smart community of the future." - Ted Maulucci, Chief Information Officer


"AWS was unmatched as far as its variety and power of services, and we knew AWS would give us the opportunity to scale our business quickly and cost-effectively. That’s why we built our business on the AWS Cloud from day one. Our customers are constantly uploading video files, which can each be multiple gigabytes in size, so they’re concerned about upload speeds. We recently utilized a configuration in Amazon S3 that resulted in up to 30 percent faster video uploads, requiring no work from my team. Now that AWS has a region in Canada, we are even more excited to explore new AWS services move forward with our plans to meet new business requirements in the future." - Devon Galloway CTO and Co-Founder


"Canada’s most popular weather provider, The Weather Network/MétéoMédia combines science, creativity and significant investments in technology to produce some of the most popular websites and apps in Canada to deliver your weather when it really matters. We are excited to continue to use and take advantage of AWS’s new cloud services in Canada that give us the performance, flexibility and agility to create new big data solutions, streamline our operations, and drive our innovation as we deliver the best weather services in the world."


"WSP Canada Inc. is using Amazon Web Services in our Geomatics business to host our customized, automated data processing tools. In the Geomatics industry, and particularly in the Energy and Construction market sectors, it is very important to be able to process data and return deliverables to clients as quickly as possible, and at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining data integrity. By using Amazon Web Services as our cloud processing platform, we can achieve these objectives, providing a distinct competitive advantage for our business." -  Jeff Liedtke, Vice President, Oil & Gas Surveys - Geomatics

University of Alberta

"The University of Alberta, a leading research university and the Province’s fourth largest employer, recently completed a ground-breaking transition – moving the hundreds of websites and resources that comprise its digital ecosystem to the AWS Cloud. Working with APN partner iTMethods to architect and execute a migration and implementation strategy, the University of Alberta was able to unify its digital strategy and expand its local and global reach, better serving its diverse stakeholder network of students, faculty, researchers, and clients while expanding its reach to compete on new domestic and international levels. Power and scalability was extremely important to us.  We needed to move our digital brand to an infrastructure management partner that could provide the university the highest quality optimization of our complex environment. We are excited about the Canadian Region launch as it opens up further cloud possibilities for Canadian organizations.” Jennifer Chesney, Associate Vice-President of University Digital Strategy



"Amazon has been instrumental in supporting Zayo’s accelerated transformation. This includes migration from some of our legacy applications to the changes in our operating cost structure to be more efficient – our main focus is on the mainframe billing platform that has been in-house developed since the 1980s. We were able to stand up our first environment in two days and did a full upgrade and ran a mock billing run within five days." -  Ghislain Ouimette – Director IT Canada


From data warehousing to deployment tools, directories to content delivery, over 50 services are available in just a few mouse clicks with AWS. New services are quick to provision, without upfront capital expense, allowing enterprises, start-ups, SMBs and customers in the public sector to access the building blocks they need to respond quickly to changing business requirements.


With over 1 million monthly active customers across every industry, AWS has the proven capability to meet your specific business needs for scale, operations, security, and compliance.


"It's a great day for Canadian organizations concerned about keeping their data in Canada. The power and security of the AWS Cloud is now at your fingertips. As the only Canadian-based AWS Premier Consulting Partner and leaders in the cloud space, we are especially excited to enable organizations ready to take advantage of the new AWS Canada (Central) Region"

Jarrod Levitan, Chief Cloud Officer at TriNimbus


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