Enabling customers is a core part of the AWS DNA. The Customer Compliance Center is focused on security and compliance of our customers on AWS. Learn from other customer experiences and discover how your peers have solved the difficult compliance, governance, and audit challenges present in today's regulatory environment.

You can also access our industry-first cloud Auditor Learning Path. These online university learning resources are logical learning paths specifically designed for security, compliance and audit professionals, allowing you to build on the IT skills you have to move your environment to the next generation of audit and security assurance.

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Discover how your peers have solved the compliance, governance, and audit challenges present in today's regulatory environment

Speed Up Your Migration with QuickStarts

AWS GovCloud

Compliant Framework for Federal and DoD Workloads in AWS GovCloud (US)


Deploy a cloud architecture that helps support your HIPAA-compliance program

Deploy automated workflows to remediate deviations from PCI DSS and AWS Foundational Security Best Practices

A cloud architecture that supports NCSC and CIS for UK-OFFICIAL workloads

Fast-forward your cloud auditing skills for today's environments 

AWS customers in highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare tend to undergo frequent security audits. To help make these audits more productive, AWS has released the AWS Auditor Learning Path. This set of online and in-person classes provides foundational and advanced education about implementing security in the AWS Cloud and using AWS tools to gather the information necessary to audit an AWS environment. The Learning Path also includes a set of self-paced labs to help you gain hands-on experience for auditing your use of AWS services.

After completing the AWS Auditor Learning Path, you should have an understanding of how your IT department consumes AWS services and be able to more effectively engage with your compliance and security teams. The Learning Path is specifically designed for:

  • Auditing executives
  • Field auditors
  • Specialized internal auditors

Accelerate your architecture based on industry best practices 

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AWS builds its services with industry best practices, and the architecture is in place to help us design an appropriately secure application environment.
Flexibility plus the ability to meet our security and compliance requirements made AWS the right choice for us.

Learn about the unique requirements of the "Internet of Things"

AWS IoT enables connected devices to securely interact with cloud applications as well as other devices. AWS IoT can process and route messages to AWS endpoints in a secure manner.