Why AWS Data Exchange?

There is no other place to find data files, data tables, and data APIs from an extensive selection of data sets and data categories.

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AWS Data Exchange is the world’s most comprehensive service for third-party data sets

AWS Data Exchange is the only data marketplace with more than 3,500 products from over 300 providers delivered —through files, APIs, or Amazon Redshift queries— directly to the data lakes, applications, analytics, and machine learning models that use it.
With AWS Data Exchange, you can streamline all third-party data consumption, from existing subscriptions —which you can migrate at no additional cost to you or the provider— to future data subscriptions, in one place.
As an AWS service, AWS Data Exchange is secure and compliant, integrated with AWS and third-party tools and services, and offers consolidated billing and subscription management.

AWS Data Exchange benefits

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Extensive Data Set Selection
  • 3,500+ data sets from 300+ data providers
  • Over 1,000 free data products and custom data products
  • Automatic access to new data
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Streamlined Data Procurement & Governance
  • One place to exchange data publicly or privately
  • Migrate existing subscriptions at no additional cost
  • Simplified contracts and consolidated secure billing
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Better Data Technology
  • Native integration of data into AWS
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Integration with AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)
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Ease of Use for Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Cloud native support for data files, tables, and APIs
  • Self-service options
  • Secure and compliant solutions

How AWS Data Exchange Works

AWS Data Exchange supports Data Files, Data Tables, and Data APIs.

Ingest data files with Amazon S3

Automatically export new or updated data sets to Amazon S3:
  • Use data in a range of applications
  • ‘Set and forget’ export preference to any Amazon S3 bucket
  • Configure export jobs to begin automatically after subscription

Query data tables with AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift

  • Query data directly from vendor’s databases
  • Data is structured and ready for analysis
  • Access the last data automatically

Call APIs for data

Use AWS-native authentication and governance, AWS SDKs, and consistent API documentation
  • Synchronous APIs for frequent retrieval of small amounts of data
  • Simplified discovery, set up, and invocation
  • Downloadable SDKs and consistent documentation

Data leaders innovating with AWS Data Exchange

A wide range of organizations use AWS Data Exchange for their data and analytics and machine learning initiatives.

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Third-Party Data Workshop

Learn how to effectively build a data pipeline or manage data distribution of third-party data.

We are constantly growing our portfolio of industry-leading providers of third-party data sets available AWS Data Exchange.

Browse all data sets in our data catalog 

Let us help you find the data you need

Speak with an AWS Data Exchange expert who can help you find the solutions you need to make smarter decisions.

AWS Data Exchange channel partners

Data consulting firms and technology companies partner with AWS Data Exchange to optimize speed to market and time to value for customers’ data and analytics and machine learning goals.

Consulting Partners

Technology Partners

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Learn more about AWS Data Exchange channel partners 
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Get Started with AWS Data Exchange

Find a step-by-step guide for how to create an AWS account and start using AWS Data Exchange for third-party data solutions.

AWS Data Exchange learning resources


This innovative resource is designed as a broad compilation of use cases submitted by AWS Marketplace data providers. Each contributor tells a concise but unique story of how they solved a particular business challenge through a reliable third-party data solution.

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Modernize how you sell and distribute data with AWS Data Exchange
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3 ways to improve ESG scores and sustainability practices using third-party data
Learn how organizations can improve ESG and sustainability efforts by incorporating third-party data.
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Enhance your customer's mobile experience through third-party data
Learn how technology companies are leveraging third-party data for mobile app personalization and localization.
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Connect with AWS Data Exchange

Find data sets
Find data sets
Discover and subscribe to over 3,500 third-party data sets.
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Get started with AWS Data Exchange
Speak with a data expert to find solutions that enhance your business.
Register for a workshop
Register for a workshop
Get hands-on guidance on how to use AWS Data Exchange.