Amazon DataZone

Unlock data across organizational boundaries with built-in governance capabilities

What is Amazon DataZone?

Amazon DataZone is a data management service that makes it faster and easier for customers to catalog, discover, share, and govern data stored across AWS, on premises, and third-party sources. With Amazon DataZone, administrators and data stewards who oversee an organization's data assets can manage and govern access to data using fine-grained controls. These controls are designed to ensure access with the right level of privileges and context. Amazon DataZone makes it easier for engineers, data scientists, product managers, analysts, and business users to access data throughout an organization so that they can discover, use, and collaborate to derive data-driven insights.


Search for published data, request access, and start working with your data in days instead of weeks.

Collaborate with teams through data assets, and manage and monitor data assets across projects.

Access analytics with a personalized view for data assets through a web-based application or API.

Ensure that the right data is accessed by the right user for the right purpose with a governed workflow.

Use cases

Find data in the business data catalog

Use business terms to search, share, and access cataloged data stored on AWS, on premises, or with third-party providers.

Streamline workflow processes

Increase your efficiency by collaborating seamlessly across teams and accessing data and analytics tools in a self-service fashion.

Simplify analytics access

Get a personalized view to discover, prepare, transform, analyze, and visualize data using a web-based application.

Administrate access from one place

Manage and govern data access in accordance with your organization’s security regulations from a single place.

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