SAP S/4 Move Xperience on AWS Transformation Accelerator for Discrete Manufacturing with msg

CIO’s worldwide are faced with SAP S/4 HANA migrations. Several approaches (greenfield, brownfield and bluefield) are available, but identifying and pursuing the right one has been a lengthy and theoretical exercise for many SAP customers. Knowledge of existing program usage, transaction volumes, customizations, architecture, authorizations and key business processes are necessary inputs for a smart transformation. Fitness conditions of the existing ERP systems then define the right migration approach. Furthermore, the solution below offers a preconfigured system typical for the industry as a Sandbox system and the data conversion from an existing SAP system to a S/4 HANA system operated in the AWS cloud.


The "msg.Fit" approach

This solution is supported by msg's “msg.Fit” approach, which provides industry leading automation to help customers more rapidly understand their journey to SAP’s intelligent enterprise.

The "msg.Fit" approach
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    Solution Highlights:­

    • Reduced consulting effort – Automated process scoping based on actual system usage
    • Make decisions for implementation on facts – based on usage of SAP transactions, customer developments, and customizing usage
    • Increased security – analyze large access rights and improve your authorization concept
    • Reduced implementation effort by preconfigured S/4 HANA systems
    • Reduced project duration – Reduce project time in the Discover and Preparation Phase
    • Reduced data cutover effort by automated data conversion

    Key Features:

    • Automated code remediation: Identify unused developments, processes, programs, and customizations
    • Identify security issues and check your SoD’s (segregation of duties)
    • Compare your license allocation with system usage and authorization
    • Automated plan creation: Generate your process scope based on actual system usage
    • Complete your process scope and re-use it for individual testing scenarios (e.g., Integration testing)
    • Enables visualization of your current state ERP system and project scope though Aeneis publisher on AWS
    • Get a production-ready system, where the main processes and process variants are already customized
    • The msg conversion tool allows to transfer customer data from ECC to S/4HANA

    SAP on AWS consulting partners deliver implementations, integrate relevant AWS services, and accelerate the ramp-up of new users. This solution was developed in collaboration with msg, a APN standard tier Consulting Partner that has been selected based on their SAP business transformation capabilities executed on AWS for SAP customers.

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  • Launch

    This offering is based the “msg.Fit” tooling and process where customers download an ABAP program to their production system. Once the program has run, the results are automatically uploaded to AWS and can then be accessed on-demand. The process scope is delivered as a Solution Manager Import file and as a graphical process model in Aeneis (Intellior). msg and AWS will provide an S/4HANA pre-configured system and access to the msg conversion tool for data migration. Customers are guided through the steps via available self-service documentation or with support from your msg representative/consultants.

    Discover value from this solution by gaining access to AWS credits to support a Proof of Concept and consulting offers from AWS Competency Partners that include AWS co-investments. Click below for more information.

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  • Work with an APN Partner

    SAP on AWS partners go through rigourous screening to insure that solutions and offerings provided are validated by AWS. The AWS solution space provides customers with access to the partners that have proven offerings that are discoverable here and can be quickly explored with AWS credits and full account engagement from AWS and the partner.

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    Discover value from this solution by gaining access to AWS credits to support a PoC and consulting offers from AWS Competency Partners that include AWS co-investments. Click below for more information.

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    The SAP S/4 Move Xperience is offered as packaged service, providing an AWS Landing zone, which reflects the analysis of your system in a BW analysis, your business process documentation, access to the preconfigured system and access to the data conversion tool.

    msg will partly fund the setup of the Sandbox system and on request, SAP can support the S/4 HANA implementation with test licenses.

    You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running this solution.   

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