Sustainable business practices in travel and hospitality are more important than ever. And not only are they the right thing to do — they’re good for business. Travelers and guests are seeking-out brands that make sustainable choices, while companies that run their businesses sustainably are finding that it has transformative business benefits.

A great opportunity exists for the travel and hospitality industry to improve the efficiency of real-world operations. AWS services enable companies to meet sustainability goals with solutions built around business objectives. For example AWS IoT monitors and reduces use of electricity, water, and other resources, Amazon SageMaker builds ML/AI models to optimize routing which can reduce a company’s carbon footprint, and Amazon Forecast makes the supply chain more efficient. And improving sustainability is good business: these steps can reduce costs and improve an organization's agility at the same time.

Additionally, AWS customers reap sustainability benefits just by moving to the cloud. A recent study found that moving to AWS can help customers reduce the carbon footprint of their IT operations by up to 88%. The scale of AWS allows it to achieves higher resource utilization and energy efficiency. AWS is continually focused on energy efficiency and innovation in its data centers in order to reduce energy usage and increase operational excellence. Moving to AWS has been found to be 3.6 times more energy efficient than the typical enterprise data centers.

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"We have 31 data sources....we wanted to be autonomous and adaptable…as fast as the data changes and grows, we can adapt. Our greatest insight was how much food to cook per day, per time period. It drives sustainability and minimizes waste while allowing us to present the best food possible, driving operational efficiencies."

Gerard Bartolome, Principal Data Engineer - Sweetgreen



“From a business point of view, [our cloud-based flight simulator] is going to save us $40M in fuel costs each year by a one or two percent improvement on these flight plans. And we’re going to reduce our carbon emissions because of that system by around 50 million kilograms each year.”

Alan Joyce, CEO - Qantas

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