AWS Database Migration Service

Trusted by customers globally to securely migrate 1M+ databases with minimal downtime

How it works

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a managed migration and replication service that helps move your database and analytics workloads to AWS quickly, securely, and with minimal downtime and zero data loss. AWS DMS supports migration between 20-plus database and analytics engines, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible EditionMySQL to Amazon Relational Database (RDS) for MySQLMicrosoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible EditionMongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)Oracle to Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

  • Heterogeneous
  • Diagrams show how AWS DMS moves your source schema to a target database by using AWS DMS Fleet Advisor, AWS DMS Schema Conversion, and migration tasks under one managed service.
  • Homogeneous
  • Diagrams show how AWS DMS moves your source schema to a target database by using AWS DMS Fleet Advisor, AWS Schema Conversion Tool, and migration tasks.

Use cases

Move to managed databases

Migrate from legacy or on-premises databases to managed cloud services through a simplified migration process, removing undifferentiated database management tasks.

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Remove licensing costs and accelerate business growth

Modernize to purpose-built databases to innovate and build faster for any use case at scale for one-tenth the cost.

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Replicate ongoing changes

Create redundancies of business-critical databases and data stores to minimize downtime and protect against any data loss.

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Improve integration with data lakes

Build data lakes and perform real-time processing on change data from your data stores.

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How to get started

Learn more about AWS DMS

Understand how AWS DMS performs homogeneous and heterogeneous database migrations.

Review step-by-step guides

Read the AWS DMS User Guide to get started with data migrations from your existing database.

Get started with AWS DMS

Try AWS DMS using the AWS Free Tier.

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