Amazon EBS previous generation volumes

EBS Magnetic volumes are backed by hard disk drives (HDDs) and can be used for workloads with smaller datasets where data is accessed infrequently or when performance consistency isn't of primary importance. EBS Magnetic volumes provide approximately 100 IOPS on average, with an ability to burst to hundreds of IOPS, and support volumes from 1GB to 1TB in size. If you need higher performance or performance consistency than EBS Magnetic can provide, we recommend that you consider Amazon EBS General Purpose SSD (gp2) or other volume types. Learn More »

Previous generation volume details & pricing

Amazon EBS Magnetic volumes

  EBS Magnetic

Volume Type

EBS Magnetic

Use Case

Infrequent Data Access

API Name


Volume Size

1 GB - 1 TB

Max IOPS/Volume


Max IOPS Burst Performance


Max Throughput/Volume

40-90 MB/s

Max Throughput Burst Performance


Max IOPS/Instance


Max Throughput/Instance

800 MB/s

Amazon EBS Magnetic volumes

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