This video series provides educators with the basics of setting up and managing your AWS Account in less than 45 minutes. Topics include AWS Organizations, adding contacts, identity and access management, billing, auditing and networking. Get a short checklist by watching the one-minute summary video. 

Account Basics is a three-minute video that guides education users in the setup of your institution’s AWS account utilizing best practices from day one. The Account Basics video includes topics like AWS Organizations and their use with researcher accounts, creating master account and account hierarchy, adding contacts for billing, operations, and security, establishing account ownership, how to handle multi-factor authentication, and establishing root credentials. 

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Managing AWS Accounts gives you an overview on how educational institutions should manage their AWS Account in just 15 minutes. This video will help you categorize high- and low-impact workloads includng research, create governance models, identify when to create new accounts, onboard new AWS users, determine when new accounts are required, programmatic account creation, and use of organizational units. This is the second video in the AWS Account Administration and Networking video series for education.

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AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Education provides an overview to IAM for education users. You'll learn the how to delegate resource access to specific users, groups, or academic departments, EC2 instances, or other AWS services. You’ll be able to apply permissions by specific policies, keep audit logs using AWS CloudTrail, understand the basics of IAM policies, and learn how to use identity federation to grant external entities secure access to your AWS Account.

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AWS Billing and Account Management for Education provides an overview to how AWS Organizations can use options like consolidated billing to get one bill for multiple accounts and how to take advantage of discounts gained across your institution. Topics in this seven-minute video include: inviting accounts to your AWS Organization, cost and usage reports, EC2 Reserved Instances (RI), and identifying the right pricing model for your workloads, and RI affinity groups. 

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Networking for Education provides an overview of virtual private clouds (VPC), public and private subnets, security and access controls, peering and education use cases, extending your network into VPC, virtual private network (VPN) pricing, and how to get started. The video will also cover AWS Direct Connect, pricing, and how it helps reduce networking costs while increasing throughput. Finally you’ll learn how get your VPC/VPN integrated with your campus network.

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In the Audit and Access Logging video, you’ll learn how to use AWS CloudTrail to improve your institution's security processes by logging AWS API calls, source IP, and files. You’ll also learn how to use Amazon S3 to store access logs, and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) flow logs to capture information about allowed/denied traffic and create custom alarms or metrics. 

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Get clear answers to common questions about architecting, building, and running applications on the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

Launch a website or store a file using AWS 10-Minute Tutorials. These simple technical documents help you get hands-on with AWS.

Use AWS documentation to find useful information about the services ranging from introductions to advanced features.