• Container Day Barcelona 2019
  • Container Day San Diego 2019- REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE!
  • Container Day Barcelona 2019
  • AWS Container Day May 20, 2019- Barcelona, Spain

    AWS Container Day- Welcome with Abby Fuller

    Missed the AWS Container Day 2019 in Barcelona? Don't worry we got you covered. Follow this track to learn more about running Kubernetes on Amazon EKS. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- Keynote with Bob Wise

    In this opening keynote, EKS GM Bob Wise covers how we got to our current container landscape, container best practices, and how EKS has grown in the past year of general availability. We also learn how the EKS team has contributed to the open source community. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- Keynote with Mark Shuttleworth

    Hear from Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth's thoughts on the Kubernetes community and embracing Amazon EKS. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- Keynote with Craig McLuckie
    Hear from Craig McLuckie, a founding member of Kubernetes, give an introduction to Kubernetes and his opinions on where the Kubernetes community is now to where it can go.  Slides>>
    AWS Container Day- EKS RoadMap and Philosophy

    In this session, hear about the philosophies that drive the EKS product team and learn what has been accomplished in the year that EKS has been generally available. Check out the EKS public road map where you can add features that you would like to see! Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- Twistlock Partner Demo

    In this session, Twistlock demonstrates the benefits of running App Mesh with EKS and walks through the requirements for securely deploying a service mesh. You'll learn how to securely deploy a service mesh and best practices to protect your App Mesh + EKS environments.

    AWS Container Day- App Mesh (Service Mesh Magic)

    In this session, learn about how AWS App Mesh can help give you end-to-end visibility and manage traffic routing to ensure high availability for your microservice. We will cover what the need for a service mesh is, capabilities of App Mesh, and show you a demo. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- Datadog Partner Demo

    In this session, Datadog dives into monitoring using App Mesh. Learn about the detailed metrics that Datadog provides to help you gain visibility into your App Mesh service. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- Introduction to EKS Workshop

    In this session, we give you an overview of the EKS workshop. This a great introduction to deploying your first cluster to EKS. The intent of this workshop is to educate you about the features of Amazon EKS.

    AWS Container Day- Weaveworks Partner Demo

    In this session, learn about Flagger, an open source Kubernetes operator that aims to untangle complexity. It automates the promotion of canary deployments utilizing App Mesh traffic shifting and Prometheus metrics to analyze an application’s behavior during a controlled rollout. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- Machine Learning with Kubernetes

    In this session, we discuss Machine Learning on Kubernetes and the advantages for running it on AWS. We also show you a demo of the updates to Escalator - a cluster auto scaling component tuned for batch/ML workloads, and EC2 GPU instance autoscaling. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- New Relic Partner Demo

    In this demo, New Relic shows how to observe performance and dependencies in your EKS environment. They also cover troubleshooting failures, bottlenecks, and abnormal behavior to ensure your applications are always available, running fast, and doing what they’re supposed to. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- EC2 Spot Instances

    In this session, we look into how you can get started with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to better optimize your costs. Amazon EC2 Spot Instances let you take advantage of unused EC2 capacity in the AWS cloud. We also cover best practices to ensure success with Spot. Slides>>

    AWS Container Day- CloudWatch (Container Insights)

    In this session, we dive into how Amazon CloudWatch gives visibility into your cloud resources and applications. We also give you a demo of CloudWatch Container Insights, a fully managed observability service for monitoring, troubleshooting, and alarming on your containerized applications and microservices. Slides>>

  • Container Day San Diego 2019- REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE!
  • AWS Container Day- San Diego, California, USA

    Come Join Us at Kubecon San Diego! Register here.

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