AWS Elemental Server is an on-premises solution that processes file-based video for delivery to broadcast televisions and streaming to internet-connected devices. It allows you to easily and reliably compress video into multiple versions for on-demand distribution.

Key features

Multiple output production

Preparing VOD assets for distribution requires converting source video into a full range of compressed outputs. AWS Elemental Server lets you generate mezzanine deliverables, on-demand assets, or adaptive bitrate outputs in multiple resolutions and formats to target a variety of players and platforms. Wrap files in popular formats or retain content in a base container for downstream packaging.

High-throughput processing

Converting video files for delivery can be time-intensive, especially at scale. The faster you can process video, the better you are able to meet production deadlines and bring content to viewers. AWS Elemental Server enables you to process content faster. It uses a specialized software architecture to maximize performance and scalability for file-based video processing, so you can convert a single program or a library of assets with unmatched speed and throughput.

Advanced video workflows

Viewer expectations for broadcast and internet-connected video continue to increase, while consumer devices become more powerful and sophisticated. AWS Elemental Server incorporates advanced features and functionality to support the latest screens and experiences. Create content for delivery via Adobe Flash, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH, QuickTime, or traditional broadcast formats.

Advanced audio processing

Advanced audio processing features help you expand the reach and accessibility of your on-demand video content. AWS Elemental Server includes support for multichannel and multi-language audio processing as well as a broad range of audio codecs. Combine independent audio channels with a single video stream to create unique outputs without additional processing cost.

Built-in quality

AWS Elemental Server offers a comprehensive feature set designed to enhance the quality of your video content while maximizing the efficiency of your on-demand workflows. Deliver high-quality encoding using codecs developed by AWS Elemental including HEVC / H.265, H.264, and MPEG-2. Take advantage of customized algorithms that allow motion-adaptive deinterlacing, scene change detection, MPEG-2 deblocking, noise reduction, and temporal filtering. Quality-defined variable bitrate (QVBR) control automatically adjusts bitrate to maintain desired quality while conserving bandwidth.

Universal input support

File-based video comes in a wide range of source formats. AWS Elemental Server lets you decode video files in common mezzanine, broadcast, and editing formats, including the Interoperable Master Format (IMF), for conversion to on-demand assets.