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 Thursday, October 19, 2023


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Get all the insights and best practices you need to build a modern strategy for your data, workloads, and applications.

  • App Modernization
  • Build Modern Applications on AWS eBook

    Modern applications enable rapid innovation. By adopting services and strategies built for speed and agility, you can shift resources from doing business as usual to driving deep customer value. AWS has helped thousands of organizations modernize by:

    • Adopting managed containers services for existing applications,
    • Building new applications serverless-first,
    • Transforming to a modern Dev+Ops model.

    Read our eBook to explore these foundational approaches to modern applications.

    Build Web and Mobile Apps Faster

    Organizations want to innovate faster with modern web and mobile applications that delight customers and support employees. To do so, development teams must meet the ever-rising bar for advancing user experience and complex cloud features—while delivering a scalable, secure, high-performance app at low cost. In this guide, we share three tips to speed the development of mobile and web apps:

    • Modern Tools and Frameworks 
    • Modern APIs 
    • Modern Compute

    Business Value of Cloud Modernization Whitepaper

    Organizations are modernizing their cloud infrastructure and adopting services beyond basic compute and storage. Our research reveals four primary cloud modernization pathways utilized by organizations. Therefore, we define cloud modernization as moving from basic to modern cloud services via:

    (1) adopting Containers,
    (2) building Serverless applications,
    (3) modernizing with Managed Data, and
    (4) using Managed Analytics.

    This research study quantifies business value created by utilizing these pathways. In this paper we will examine each pathway and discuss the detailed list of KPI improvements.

    Introduction to Event-Driven Architectures Guide

    An event-driven architecture (EDA) is an architecture pattern designed to connect service components and enable complex systems to communicate. Event-driven architectures are comprised of three key components:

    • Event producers (e.g., software as a service (SaaS) app, mobile app, ecommerce site, point-of-sale) 
    • Event brokers (e.g., event router, event store) 
    • Event consumers (e.g., database, microservice, SaaS application)

    An event-driven architecture enables you to provide responsive customer experiences in a scalable and reliable manner. Read the eBook to explore more.

    Building Event-Driven Architectures on AWS Guide

    Event-driven architectures are an architecture style that uses events and asynchronous communication to loosely couple an application’s components. Event-driven architectures can help you boost agility and build reliable, scalable applications.

    This guide introduces and summarizes key concepts around event-driven architectures. It covers patterns within event-driven architectures and identifies the Amazon Web Services (AWS) services that are commonly used to implement them. Finally, it provides best practices for building event-driven architectures, from designing event schemas to handling idempotency.

  • Next Gen Infrastructure
  • Accelerate innovation with AWS

    More businesses are discovering the power of cloud-based infrastructure to drive innovation, run application applications at scale, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality user experiences.

    In this e-book, you’ll learn how AWS helps customers:

    • Optimize price performance
    • Increase agility and reliability
    • Meet core security and compliance requirements
    • Focus on innovation, not IT

    With the broadest and deepest portfolio of infrastructure services and the largest footprint of any cloud provider, AWS can help you deliver better user experiences wherever your business goes.

    Get more performance for your applications at lower costs with AWS

    AWS offers the best price performance for virtually any application because we allow you to stretch your budget further with the broadest and deepest portfolio of infrastructure services in the cloud. Increased performance optimizes costs, empowers your development team, and delivers greater net business value for your infrastructure spend. Read the e-book to learn more about our services, flexible purchase models, and cost-optimization capabilities.

    AWS Edge Networking Lookbook

    Your users expect low latency and highly available global connectivity for your organization’s web applications. Unfortunately, industry-specific use cases, security concerns, and the unique technology your organization employs can make it difficult to deliver on these expectations. As your business and your network grows, the problem can become exponentially more complex.

    Get inspired by reading success stories from customers in media and entertainment, gaming, energy, financial services, e-commerce, and automotive.

    Improving application delivery with AWS

    In today’s ever-changing digital world, your consumers expect web applications to be available 24/7. They also expect those applications to have imperceptible response times, no matter the device they’re using or where they’re located. To deliver on those expectations, your organization needs a cost-effective way to develop applications with security, performance, and global scale.

    Read this eBook to learn how you can build an application that exceeds expectations by moving application delivery onto AWS edge networking services. Whether you are trying to improve latency, protect your applications from attack, or deliver unique, data-intensive customer
    experiences at scale—discover how you can use customer-vetted AWS services and solutions at an affordable cost.

    Global scale solutions

    Businesses are continuously working to differentiate themselves by bringing new applications to market while modernizing existing applications to improve features, scale effectively, and provide a consistent experience to users wherever they are. To keep up with user expectations, businesses need to get this work done quickly while continuing to build applications that are reliable and secure.

    Read the eBook and bring your new applications to market while modernizing existing applications to improve functionality, scale effectively, and accommodate a global audience. 

  • Migration
  • Business transformation through digital modernization

    Amid constant changes, businesses must move rapidly to embrace new work styles. Recent research suggests that over 90% of enterprises are accelerating cloud adoption plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While no two transformations are the same, breaking down the effort into two stages has proven beneficial. Read Business transformation through digital modernization to uncover the many ways AWS can help.

    Migrating SAP to the Cloud

    Enterprises such as BP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, ENGIE, and Liberty Mutual are learning that running SAP workloads in the cloud is feasible and realistic. To join them, start by reading our eBook Migrating SAP to the cloud.

    • Learn why now is the time to migrate your critical SAP workloads,
    • Discover what makes AWS the platform of choice for running SAP,
    • Explore the power of SAP and cloud across five typical use cases.

    Run your Windows workloads on AWS

    Customers have been running Windows workloads on AWS since 2009—long before it was possible with other cloud providers. By redeploying on AWS, each of those customers was able to run their workloads at a lower cost. Ready to join leaders such as BP, Expedia, and Jack in the Box? Read our eBook Run your Windows workloads on AWS and learn how migrating to AWS can help you realize a wide range of business benefits, including:

    • Accelerated transformation,
    • Reduced operating costs,
    • Improved security and compliance,
    • Increased reliability and performance.

    AWS Cloud Operations

    Built for operating at cloud scale, AWS Cloud Operations offer a clear and easy path to the business outcomes you want to achieve—from financial management to risk management to continuous governance improvement and beyond. Wherever you are in your migration, AWS solutions can help you accelerate innovation without sacrificing governance, security, and compliance.

    Read our eBook to learn how AWS Cloud Operations can:

    • Support cloud, hybrid, on-premises, and edge environments 
    • Improve governance and compliance with automation 
    • Enable you to operate from a central operations hub for observability, compliance, and security.

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better price performance than other cloud data warehouses

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