Werner Vogels' Tech Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

Dr. Werner Vogels, VP & CTO at Amazon.com

With several global crises occupying our daily lives, it’s important to see where we can leverage technology to solve these hard human problems. Today, we have more access to data from wearables, medical devices, environmental sensors, video capture, and other connected devices than we have had at any point in the past. When combined with cloud technologies, like computer vision, machine learning, and simulation, we are starting to get a glimpse of where that powerful blend of information and application can take us.

The next wave of innovators and inventors, a few of whom I was fortunate to have met while filming Now Go Build, are already building solutions to reforest the planet, keep our youth active, and re-imagine the supply chain from the warehouse to delivery. And this is truly just the beginning. As access to advanced technology becomes even more ubiquitous—as every facet of life becomes data that we can analyze—we will start to see a torrent of innovation, and this will proliferate in 2023.

Five Tech Predictions for 2023 and Beyond:

  • Cloud technologies will redefine sports as we know it
  • Simulated worlds will reinvent the way we experiment
  • A surge of innovation in smart energy
  • The upcoming supply chain transformation
  • Custom silicon goes mainstream

Read how these technologies and trends will converge to help solve some of the hardest human problems. Download the Five Tech Predictions for 2023 and Beyond or read the All Things Distributed blog.

Learn by looking around you. The universe itself is extremely agile, extremely resilient. We should learn from the principles we see in nature and in the world around us.

Dr. Werner Vogels
Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com

Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com

Dr. Werner Vogels
Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com 

Dr. Werner Vogels is Chief Technology Officer at Amazon.com where he is responsible for driving the company’s customer-centric technology vision. As one of the forces behind Amazon’s approach to cloud computing, he is passionate about helping young businesses reach global scale, and transforming enterprises into fast-moving digital organizations.

Vogels joined Amazon in 2004 from Cornell University where he was a distributed systems researcher. He has held technology leadership positions in companies that handle the transition of academic technology into industry. Vogels holds a PhD from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and has authored many articles on distributed systems technologies for enterprise computing.

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