McDonald's Home Delivery Case Study


McDonald's is the world’s largest restaurant company with 37,000 locations serving 64 million people per day. Using AWS, McDonalds built Home Delivery—a platform that integrates local restaurants with delivery partners such as UberEats.

McDonald's built and launched the Home Delivery platform in less than four months using a microservices architecture running on Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Application Load Balancer, Amazon Elasticache, Amazon SQS, Amazon RDS, and Amazon S3.

The cloud-native microservices architecture allows the platform to scale to 20,000 orders per second with less than 100-millisecond latency, and open APIs allow McDonald's to easily integrate with multiple global delivery partners. Using AWS also means the system provides McDonald's with a return on its investment, even for its average $2–5 order value.

How McDonald's Built Home Delivery Using Microservices and Amazon ECS

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