Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification Program

The Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification Program (Amazon FQP) is for microcontroller (MCU) vendors who want to qualify their MCU-based hardware on Amazon FreeRTOS. The goal of the Amazon FQP is to ensure that developers can use Amazon FreeRTOS on their choice of MCU-based hardware. In order to deliver a consistent experience for developers, the Amazon FQP outlines a set of security, functionality and performance requirements that all microcontrollers (along with the associated hardware abstraction layers and drivers) must meet.

Why qualify on Amazon FreeRTOS

The Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification Program will work to benefit MCU vendors and OEM/ODM developers.

  • MCU vendors will have the confidence that their MCUs securely connect and interoperate with AWS IoT Core and AWS Greengrass.
  • OEM/ODM developers will get a reliable and consistent experience across a range of qualified MCU-based hardware, which will allow OEM/ODM developers to focus on the application code for their desired device functionality. OEM/ODM developers will have a simple onboarding experience; they will be able to search and select the relevant hardware and then download the source code with relevant libraries using the Amazon FreeRTOS console.
  • Overall, Amazon FQP will accelerate the hardware and software ecosystem, enabling developers to rapidly evaluate, prototype, and productize IoT solutions by abstracting the complexity of embedded development. This approach helps bridge the gap between cloud developers and embedded engineers.

Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification is Simple and Free

Apply to participate in the Amazon FQP

  • Sign up for the AWS Partner Network and agree to the terms and conditions

Pass Qualification Test Suite

  • Download the Amazon FreeRTOS source code, port the Amazon FreeRTOS implementation to your hardware, build, and test the project

Get Qualified

  • Send your test reports and ship your hardware to Amazon. Amazon will run verification tests, which when successful, the MCU-based hardware will be Amazon FreeRTOS qualified
Information on the qualified hardware is displayed in the Amazon FreeRTOS console and the Amazon FreeRTOS getting started page.
Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification is Simple and Free

Hardware Partners

Ecosystem & Technology Partners

Technology partners support the Amazon FreeRTOS ecosystem. To apply to become a ecosystem and technology partner, click here.

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