Getting started with Amazon Redshift

Trying Redshift

Follow along the Amazon Redshift Serverless Getting Started tutorial to run and scale analytics without having to provision and manage data warehouses. Amazon Redshift Serverless offers flexibility to support a diverse set of workloads of varying complexity. To learn more details about compute capacity, billing, security,and migration, visit Amazon Redshift Serverless Guide. If you are interested in Amazon Redshift provisioned, visit Getting Started with Amazon Redshift guide.


  1. Load and analyze your own data. See Getting Started Guide for more details.
  2. Analyze your data with any SQL client using industry-standard ODBC/JDBC
    connections. Follow this doc to connect to Amazon Redshift Serverless.
  3. Follow this guide and learn how to query data stored in Amazon S3, without
    moving the data, using Redshift Spectrum.

Get started with consulting help

Amazon Redshift Delivery Partners help you load, transform, and analyze data, and architect and implement analytics platforms. Amazon Redshift Ready Partners offer products that integrate with Amazon Redshift to enable you to gather data insights and analytics productively, and at scale. Go to this page to find a partner in your region.