With AWS IoT 1-Click, you pay a simple monthly fee for each device that is activated and managed by the service.  A device becomes active when it authenticates with AWS IoT Core for the first time and remains active until it is deactivated. You have the option to active or deactivate a device at any time.

Pricing Summary

AWS IoT has a tiered pricing structure based on the number of active devices

Number of Active Devices

Monthly Price Per Active Device





More than 15,000 devices

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Additional Charges

You may incur additional charges with AWS IoT 1-Click if your Lambda functions utilize other AWS services or transfers data. For example, if your code transmits data to or from Amazon S3, you will be billed for the read/write requests and the data stored in Amazon S3.

For details on AWS service pricing, see the pricing section of the relevant AWS service detail pages.

Except as otherwise noted, our prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax. For customers with a Japanese billing address, use of AWS is subject to Japanese Consumption Tax.

Pricing Example

The following example assumes there are 3 devices managed by AWS IoT 1-Click for 11 months.

  • Device A – This device is powered on in January and authenticates to AWS IoT. It is deactivated and powered down on November 30th.
  • Device B – This device is inactive in your AWS account through the month of January, but is activated on February 1st and stays active all year.
  • Device C – This device is active starting January 10th. It is deactivated on Jan 30th and reactivated on March 1st and stays active through year end.

Monthly AWS IoT 1-Click Charges

Number of active AWS IoT 1-Click Devices * Monthly price per active device = Monthly AWS IoT 1-Click charge

  • Device A = 1 * $0.25 = $0.25
  • Device B = 1 * $0.25 = $0.25
  • Device C = 1 * $0.25 = $0.25

Total AWS IoT 1-Click Charges per Active Device  

Monthly 1-Click charges * Activity Period (Months) = Total AWS IoT 1-Click charges

Device A = $0.25 * 11 = $2.75

Device B = $0.25 * 11 = $2.75

Device C = $0.25 * 11 = $2.75

Total AWS IoT 1-Click Charges

Total charges = Total 1-Click active period charges Device A + Total 1-Click active period charges Device B + Total 1-Click active period charges Device C

$2.75 + $2.75 + $2.75 = $8.25

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