Supported Devices

Today, AWS IoT 1-Click supports the AWS IoT Enterprise Button and the AT&T LTE-M Button, and you can expect to see more devices added to this list soon.  The AWS IoT Enterprise Button communicates with the cloud using Wi-Fi and the AT&T LTE-M Button communicates to the cloud via a cellular network.  You select the simple device best suited for your application from the AWS IoT 1-Click mobile app. Devices come preconfigured to connect to AWS IoT so you can focus on building Lambda code for your actions and not worrying about how your devices connect to the cloud.

AWS IoT 1-Click - Select Device

Create an AWS Lambda Trigger in One Click

AWS IoT 1-Click makes it easy for devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions. You choose an AWS Lambda function and then assign that function to a device (or a group of devices) in a single click. AWS IoT 1-Click provides pre-built AWS Lambda functions to send email or text messages or you can use your own.

Define your project and the type of action you would like trigger  

AWS IoT 1-Click - Define Project and Action

Choose a device and Lambda function for that device

AWS IoT 1-Click - Choose Device and Lambda

Deploy your Lambda function to the device in a single click

AWS IoT 1-Click - Deploy

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