There are several ways to get started with AWS IoT Core depending on your use case and how you want to integrate the service into your use case. The AWS Management Console provides a web-based interface for accessing and managing all your AWS IoT resources. Programmatic access to IoT Core is enabled by the AWS CLI and AWS SDK.

To connect your hardware device, sensor, mobile app or thing use the AWS IoT Device SDK, choose from one of the AWS starter kits pre-packaged to connect to AWS IoT Core. In addition, AWS IoT Core is supported by a wide range of third party tools and gateways.

AWS Management Console

The AWS Management Console is a web-based interface for accessing and managing your AWS IoT Core resources. You can easily and securely create a thing, associate certificate, publish messages and define actions using the AWS Management Console.


The AWS SDK helps take the complexity out of coding by providing APIs for many AWS services including AWS IoT Core. All AWS SDKs are enabled for IoT Core. The single, downloadable package includes the code library, code samples, and documentation.

AWS IoT Device SDK

The AWS IoT Device SDK helps you to easily and quickly connect your hardware device or your mobile device to AWS IoT Core. It offers enhanced features so that you can seamlessly interact with the device gateway and the device shadow that will enable you to quick start your development. The Device SDK supports a variety types of devices, from basic to industrial hardware devices.

AWS Partner Device Catalog

The AWS Partner Device Catalog lists IoT devices that work with AWS IoT services. It allows you to select development kits and embedded systems to build new devices, as well as off-the-shelf-devices such as gateways, edge servers, sensors, and cameras for IoT project integration.

Choosing AWS enabled hardware from the Partner Device Catalog can help make the rollout of your IoT projects easier by allowing you to build on the expertise of APN hardware partners. You can buy devices from partners for evaluation, prototyping, or proof-of-concepts.

Discover IoT devices that work with AWS IoT Core in the AWS Partner Device Catalog.

Learn more about how partners qualify IoT hardware for AWS IoT Core in the AWS Device Qualification Program.

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