Amazon GameSparks (Preview)

Build game backends without worrying about server infrastructure.

Download Amazon GameSparks

Add the Amazon GameSparks SDK to the game client and create custom game logic with Cloud Code; or use and extend pre-built backend game features such as authentication, player messaging, player data, and leaderboards.


Get started easily
Build game backends easily with out-of-the-box features that require minimal setup. Leverage integration with Unity game engine to accelerate game development without requiring knowledge of how to use underlying AWS services to build a game backend.
Focus on innovation
Reduce cost and time to launch a game with managed backend services, provisioned and scaled infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance. Focus on creating the best gaming experience, not spending unnecessary time on the backend.
Scale predictably
Scaling games can be difficult to predict. With Amazon GameSparks, games are automatically supported as they grow with AWS’ industry-leading infrastructure, scalability, reliability, and simple and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing. Use AWS Lambda serverless functions to access any AWS service or integrate existing cloud-based game services.

How it works

Amazon GameSparks is a serverless, fully managed service from AWS that makes building a game backend easy for game developers without provisioning or managing infrastructure


Find AWS documentation and game-specific samples, reference architectures, and more to help build, run, and grow a game in the cloud. 

Amazon GameSparks Developer Guide

Amazon GameSparks API Reference

Amazon GameSparks SDK

See all Amazon GameSparks Documentation

How to get started with Amazon GameSparks

Step 1: Game setup

Step 2: Configure game

Step 3: Deploy and test

  • Use the console to define game constructs and deploy the game for testing.
  • Use the test harness feature in the console to directly connect to the game backend and verify business logic.

Step 4: Game-client Integration

  • Download and install the Amazon GameSparks plugin for Unity.
  • Integrate backend game client using a game key or the sample game available following steps in the Developer Guide.

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