AWS BuilderCards

AWS BuilderCards is a fun and educational trading card deck building game designed to teach how different AWS services work together to build well-architected workloads.

AWS BuilderCards – Resilience Expansion Now Available

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How to play AWS BuilderCards

Learn how to play AWS BuilderCards


  • At this time, the game will be freely available for AWS customers at selected events. We are iterating and measuring the success of the game to make it available more broadly.

  • We’re starting to hand out some collectible cards at the EMEA Summits in 2023. More collectibles are in the making and you can expect to find them at future AWS events or when you engage with AWS representatives.

  • The QR code points to the website of the AWS content represented on the card. If you hold a service card in your hand that you want to learn more about, simply scan the card and start reading. The QR code contains the same URL that is printed on the bottom of the cards.

  • The Game Tech Edition is a spin-off from the base game and works for game developers specifically. Unlike the generic base game, it’s not planned to have extensions with this edition.

  • The game comes as a starter edition, which covers core services common in many workloads. However, AWS BuliderCards is designed to work with extension packs to cover more services and workloads. We are already working on extension packs.

  • You can play without any existing AWS knowledge. It is recommended to be at least 12 years old in order to play. However, it’s really fun when AWS Architects play and discuss 😊

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