Amazon SageMaker Edge makes it easy for ML developers to optimize, secure, monitor, and maintain ML models on fleets of edge devices.

Amazon SageMaker Edge has a volume based tiered pricing structure, based on the number of registered devices and managed model copies. You pay a one-time fee upon registration of your edge devices, and a monthly subscription fee for each managed model copy on your devices in any given month. You may choose to manage some or all of the model copies in your device fleets. You can also manage multiple models on one device.

Pricing details

Number of registered devices
One-time registration fee per device
1 to 100,000 devices Contact us
100,001 to 750,000 devices $0.20
More than 750,000 devices $0.10
Number of managed models Monthly subscription fee per managed model
1 to 50,000 models Contact Us
50,001 to 100,000 models Contact Us
More than 100,000 models Contact Us

Note: The pricing for Amazon SageMaker Edge is the same regardless of where your devices are registered. You can register your devices in any of the SageMaker Edge supported regions. Currently, the tiered pricing structure only automatically applies to your devices in the same region. Please contact us if you plan to have devices in multiple regions. You will incur additional charges for related AWS services, such as Amazon S3 for storage of sampled data, AWS IoT Core for receiving model metrics data, and any other AWS service you may use.

Pricing example

You operate ML models on a fleet of 300,000 devices, with one model on each device.

One-time registration fee = $0.10 * 300,000 = $60,000

Total monthly subscription fee for SageMaker Edge Manager = $0.40 * 300,000 = $120,000

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